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Focus Term: Trails of the World

Seven Bucket List Rail-Trail Destinations Around the World
September 27, 2019
Thousands more miles of rail-trails are available all across the globe. For World Tourism Day, we thought we’d take a look a few bucket list international rail-trail destinations.
New Zealand's Otago Central Rail Trail | Photo courtesy Otago Central Rail Trail Charitable Trust
2020 Vision: New York’s “Empire State Trail” Is Making Trails a Main Attraction
August 09, 2018
Empire State Trail (EST): Shaped like a giant sideways T intersecting near Albany, the EST will connect three corners of the state: Manhattan, Buffalo and the Canadian border near Lake Champlain.
A jogger on the Hudson River Valley Greenway catches the last rays of the day’s light as the sun sets behind the New Jersey skyline. | Photo by Scott Stark
A View From … The National Trails System
January 03, 2018
In 2018, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act, which provided an incredible legacy for all Americans. Five of these iconic American experiences are listed below along with rail-trails that weave in and around them.
Great Shasta Rail Trail | Photo by Christina Schmidlin with Hellikon, courtesy Great Shasta Rail Trail Association
Discover the Trans Canada Trail
October 29, 2015
As one of the world’s longest networks of multiuse trails, the Trans Canada Trail connects nearly 500 individual trails across the country, building a magnificent piece of Canadian heritage.
Trans Canada Trail | Photo by Sean Marshall | CC by 2.0