Enhancing Quality of Life in the Bay Area by Providing Equitable, Healthy Trail Access for People of All Ages and Abilities

Crissy Field | Photo by Cindy Barks

Project Footprint

Nearly 60 percent on the ground to date, the Bay Area Trails Collaborative travels through nine counties and dozens of communities—urban and rural, small and large—in the San Francisco Bay Area. The network includes trail systems that are either complete or in development, such as the 500-mile San Francisco Bay Trail, which links the diverse communities along the Bay’s shoreline; the 550-mile Bay Area Ridge Trail, which connects the Bay Area along its ridgelines; the massive 1,200-mile California Coastal Trail, which spans the entire California coast; and the 47-mile Napa Valley Vine Trail, which winds through the vineyards of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Despite the popularity of the region’s existing trail systems, there are still major gaps to fill. Competition for transportation and park funding is fierce, and barriers exist in accessing these resources.By connecting multiple networks into a region-wide trail system, the Bay Area Trails Collaborative is amplifying the benefits of existing infrastructure to enhance walkability and bikeability, spur economic development, implement social equity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions—thereby transforming the region.

Trail Map

The Bay Area Trails Collaborative GIS/Mapping Working Group and its regional partners are in the process of developing a detailed map of all existing and planned trails that comprise the regional trail network. While the detailed map is being developed, a rough outline of this map featuring the coalition’s 13 priority trail projects can be found below.

Bay Area Trails Collaborative Priority Projects map
Bay Area Trails Collaborative Priority Projects map | Download pdf
  1. Bay Skyway
  2. Bay to Sea Trail
  3. East Bay Greenway
  4. Guadalupe River Trail
  5. Highway 17 Wildlife and Regional Trail Crossings
  6. Highway 37 Trail
  7. Napa Valley Vine Trail
  8. Richmond Greenway-Bay Trail Connector
  9. Richmond-San Rafael Bridge – Bay Trail Connections (Marin)
  10. SMART Pathway
  11. South Vallejo Riverwalk and Bay Trail
  12. Stevens Creek Trail
  13. West Oakland Link

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