Connecting Pathways Throughout the Miami Region—and Beyond

Black Creek Trail | Photo by Milo Bateman

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The Miami LOOP will encompass a 225-mile active transportation route connecting numerous public transportation systems and community destinations, including employment centers, schools, health-care facilities, parks and open space, beaches, and cultural and civic attractions in the most populous county in Florida. Approximately 54 percent of the network is already complete, and nearly 86 percent of the LOOP’s proposed corridors are publicly owned.

These corridors, which vary greatly from rural to urban and suburban, include: the Atlantic Greenway in South Beach, which offers stunning ocean views as it parallels the Atlantic Coastline; The Underline and the Flagler Trail—rail-with-trail facilities that do/will interact with passenger rail or dedicated busway service to form a north-south backbone from Broward County south to Monroe County; and many other key connections that weave together Downtown Miami, museums, cultural centers, the Port of Miami, Homestead Motor Speedway and two national parks, including Biscayne and Everglades.

The following trails make up the Miami LOOP’s core route:

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