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Best Practices: Greenspace and Flood Protection Guidebook

January 1, 2014

Best Practices – Greenspace and Flood Protection GuidebookDownload

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has developed this Guidebook to increase awareness of the linkages between flood resilience and greenspace protection. Designed for local elected officials, floodplain managers, recreational directors, land trusts, and other stakeholders, this Guidebook emphasizes innovative projects across Georgia where communities have captured multiple benefits from projects that increase their flood resilience. The objective is this Guidebook and supplemental training materials will inspire communities to look for linkages among existing programs and think creatively about ways to better preserve their floodplains.

This Guidebook describes Best Practices related to greenspace and floodplain protection. The list of specific sub-topics is shown in the table of contents. Generally, the organization of the Best Practices flows from conceptual planning to property acquisition to development of functional facilities and concludes with ongoing maintenance. A strong emphasis is placed on Case Studies within this Guidebook, as it is often easier to replicate a program that has been successfully implemented by another local government. At the end of this Guidebook is a consolidated list of website references that identify sources for additional detail beyond the limits of this format.

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