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Trail Management

Shared-Use Path Level of Service Calculator—A User’s Guide

July 1, 2006

Shared-Use Path Level of Service Calculator—A User’s GuideDownload

This document describes how to use a new method to analyze the quality of service provided by shared-use paths of various widths that accommodate various travel mode splits. Given a count or an estimate of the overall path user volume in the design hour, the new method described here can provide the level of service (LOS) for path widths ranging from 2.4 to 6.1 meters (8.0 to 20.0 feet). The document describes in detail the input data needed to begin using the method, provides step-by-step instructions, and provides example applications of the new method. This document also describes how to use a spreadsheet calculation tool called SUPLOS that was also developed as part of the same effort and that is being circulated by the Federal Highway Administration.

The information in this document should be of interest to planners, engineers, park and recreation professionals, and others involved in the planning, design, operation, and/or maintenance of shared-use paths. In addition, this document will be of interest to researchers investigating how to analyze multiple modes of travelers in a finite space with minimal traffic control.

Author: Federal Highway Administration

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