Whether you are building a new trail or already maintaining one, planning for routine trail maintenance is critical, but often overlooked aspect of the budgeting process. This webinar will introduce planning and budgeting tools that helps determine the cost of base level maintenance tasks, which, once accurately determined and differentiated from rebuilding and life-cycle costs, will help show the merits of trail investment. In this session Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s maintenance experts will join trail managers to discuss the application of a maintenance cost estimator on their trail.


  1. Joe Syrnick - President & CEO, Schuylkill River Development Corporation, Philadelphia, PA
  2. Tom Sexton -Northeast Regional Director, RTC
  3. Yvonne Mwangi - Trail Development Coordinator, RTC
  4. Kelly Pack - Sr. Director of Trail Development, RTC (Moderator)

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Published on 12/16/21

Author: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Collection: Trail Management

Type: Webinar


Tags: Maintenance, Financing/Funding