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WEBINAR – Trails & Trains Together: Trends, Challenges & Effective Practices for Rail-with-Trail Development

By: Rails-to-Trails-Conservancy WEBINAR
January 27, 2021

Rails-with-trails (RWTs) – shared-use paths alongside or within active railroad corridors – are being developed in communities across the U.S. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) has studied and tracked RWT development since 1996, when 37 RWTs were identified. Today, there are 399 known RWTs in 47 states, with more being planned across the country. In 2013, RTC published America’s Rail-with-Trails, documenting trends, examples and practical tools to assist trail planners and advocates further rail-with-trail development. Over the last ten years, RTC has interviewed and surveyed more than 100 RWT managers and developers to better understand acquisition strategies, design solutions, and practical tools that have helped propel RWT development. This webinar will build off past and current research to share these findings and help communities answer common questions about RWT development.



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