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State Term: Iowa

The Joy of Celebrating Trails Day 2024
May 14, 2024
Celebrate Trails Day 2024 was celebrated in all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Our partners planned more than 240 celebrations.
Bronzeville Trail Task Force, Major Taylor Bike Club & The Misfits Cycling Club riding Chicago's Major Taylor Trail | Photo by Douglas Monieson
Five Years Of Progress On Great American Rail-Trail Elevates National Impact Of Active Transportation Infrastructure
May 08, 2024
RTC marked 5th anniversary of the Great American Rail-Trail alongside Warrior Expeditions, REI Co-op, members of Congress and state officials.
Warrior Expeditions bike ride to commemorate 5th anniversary of Great American Rail-Trail | Photo by Mariah Miranda Photography
Great American Rail-Trail Route Assessment 2024
May 07, 2024
The Great American Rail-Trail Route Assessment 2024 outlines 2,059 miles of existing trails and 1,688 miles of identified trail gaps.
Nebraska’s Cowboy Recreation and Nature Trail | Photo by TrailLink user mbcallawa
How You Ride the Great American Rail-Trail
May 06, 2024
Learn how to ride the Great American Rail-Trail and Adventure Cycling’s contribution of a 960-mile detour route between Nebraska and Montana.
Panhandle Trail located in West Virginia and Pennsylvania | Photo by Milo Bateman
How Council Bluffs Became the Eastern Point of the First Transcontinental Railroad
May 02, 2024
In the 1860s, Council Bluffs became the Eastern Terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad and today is part of Great American Rail-Trail.
1867 Union Pacific advertisement poster | Courtesy Union Pacific Railroad Museum
Depot in Center Point Is a Trailside Landmark to Iowa Town’s 1914 Awakening
April 30, 2024
Home to a museum that preserves the stories of the eastern Iowa town for which it is named, the Center Point Depot is a key piece of history.
Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railway depot along the Iowa's Cedar Valley Nature Trail | Photo by Patrick Travers
Century-Old Bridge in Brandon Is a Legacy to Iowa’s Railroad Heyday
April 30, 2024
After a 2008 flood along Iowa’s Cedar Valley Nature Trail, only one functional double-arched span bridge created over a century ago remained.
Double arch bridge in Brandon, Iowa | Photo courtesy Black Hawk County Conservation
Gearing Up for a Cross-Country Trail Trek Webinar
April 18, 2024
Join us for a conversation about gearing up for a cross-country trail trek and what it takes to travel across the country by trail!
Kara Patajo @YourNorthWestieBestie on the Olympic Discovery Trail | Photo courtesy Kara Patajo
10 Unique Lodgings Along the Great American Rail-Trail
April 15, 2024
We highlight lodging along the Great American Rail-Trail, and history buffs can find more from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
Washington's Iron Horse Inn Bed and Breakfast is located adjacent to the Cle Elum Depot along the Great American Rail-Trail | Photo courtesy Iron Horse Inn Bed and Breakfast