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State Term: Utah

Seven Sensational New Rail-Trails to Celebrate in 2022
December 21, 2022
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is proud to showcase a handful of the new rail-trails that opened in 2022, bringing with them impactful changes.
Pennsylvania's Newtown Rail Trail ribbon cutting | Photo courtesy Bucks County Planning Commission
Utah’s Jordan River Parkway Trail
December 06, 2021
The Jordan River Parkway Trail cuts a nearly 50-mile path through Utah’s most densely populated region, traversing portions of Salt Lake City.
Jordan River Parkway Trail | Photo by TrailLink user trailrider622
Top 10 Trails in Utah
June 28, 2021
Utah is home to a string of national parks that feature glowing sandstone arches, dreamlike rock hoodoos and luminous slot canyons.
Utah's Red Canyon Bicycle Trail | Photo by TrailLink user acewickwire
Five Rail-Trails in America’s National Parks
August 11, 2016
With more than 400 of these areas in the National Park System to celebrate, we wanted to share this great list of five national park rail-trails, which dot the country’s landscapes from the Great Lakes to Washington State.
Grand Teton Multi-use Pathway:Greater Yellowstone Trail, Wyoming | Photo by Camrin Dengel
Utah Outdoor Recreational Infrastructure Grant Program
February 11, 2016
The bill creates the Outdoor Recreational Infrastructure Grant Program with a one-time appropriation from the General Fund of $5 million.
General License Agreement for Multiple Use Trail
May 22, 2003
The General License Agreement grants the former a right-of-way license to build a trail alongside a light rail corridor.