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Trail Moments Story Gallery

Kara (@YourNorthWestieBestie) on the Spruce Railroad Trail | Photo courtesy Kara Patajo

A Collection of Inspiring Trail Stories

Through our Trail Moments campaign, more than 2,000 people have shared the importance of trails in their lives and what motivates them to get outdoors. To encourage more people to explore trails and be active outdoors, we’re highlighting a few of those inspirational tales in our story gallery about biking, walking, running and hiking, family time, accessibility, engaging diverse trail users and enjoying nature. We hope you enjoy reading them and that you’ll continue to share your #TrailMoments!

Biking Stories


Walking, Running and Hiking Stories

Family Time Stories

Accessibility Stories

Stories About Engaging More Trail Users

Nature Stories

Equestrian Finds Emotional Freedom on the Trail
by Megan Gray

Tips for Outdoor Outings With Your Kids
by Chelsea Murphy

Philly Birder Takes Fledgling Bird Enthusiasts Under His Wing
featuring Keith Russell

From Burnout to Biking: Rediscovering My Love for the Outdoors on Ohio’s Trails
by Amy Collins-Warfield​

How Trails and Outdoor Access Provide Important Mental Health Benefits
by Cory Matteson