Call to Action on Walkability

Posted 04/04/13 by Kevin Mills in Health and Wellness, Taking Action

As a member of the Every Body Walk! Collaborative, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is helping build a stronger movement of transportation, health, community design, environment and other advocates for the most universal form of transportation: walking.

As part of National Public Health Week, we're calling on our partners to help Surgeon General Regina Benjamin develop her Call to Action on Walkabilityan effort to improve walkability and increase walking in our communities.

Through April 30, the Surgeon General is accepting public comments to help develop this Call to Action, an excellent opportunity to support walkability across the country.

Please submit comments by April 30 on how to create walkable communities.

We're hoping that the Call to Action will adopt two primary goals: 1) encourage everyone to walk and 2) advance investments, policies and practices that make communities more walkable. 

There are many ways to advance these goals. The Surgeon General is interested in systems and environmental changes that further these goals. 

We're suggesting that key principles be used in evaluating proposed interventions, including:

1.      Ensuring Equal Access for All - all people should have access to safe and comfortable walking environments and be able walk to important destinations.

2.      Connecting People and Places - walkable communities provide seamless networks of safe places to walk that connect people with their desired destinations.

3.      Integrating Walking into Organizational Practices - walking should be promoted in programs and policies as well as infrastructure choices.

4.      Collaboration - we want to see more collaboration among government agencies in promoting the many benefits of walking.

Please show your support for walking by submitting comments on the Call to Action by April 30.

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