Today's House of Reps Hearing on Transportation Funding

Posted 04/24/13 by Marianne Wesley Fowler in Policy

Earlier today the Budget Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives hosted a hearing on the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund. As generally acknowledged, current funding sources for the Trust Fund (notably gasoline and diesel taxes) are not sufficient to maintain a reliable transportation system.  You can read all the testimony from the hearing at the House website here.

The hearing featured presentations on a variety of approaches to enhancing revenue for the Highway Trust Fund. Janet F. Kavinoky Executive Director of Transportation and Infrastructure at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce provided some of the more interesting testimony. Kavinoky began by stating the federal government must take a leading role in transportation policy.

"Infrastructure is not the end result of economic activity, rather it is the framework that makes economic activity possible," she said. Kavinoky also emphasized that transportation is about more than asphalt and steel - it is about mobility.

The economic strength and health of our communities depends on strong federal policy and investment.  That is why Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a founding member of the Partnership for Active Transportation, a groundbreaking collaboration that emphasizes the economic benefits of complete networks of trail, biking and walking systems. Learn more

At Rails-to-Trails Conservancy we support comprehensive transportation systems. But we also are concerned about the functionality and experience of mobility. We want to make it fun, safe and easy to walk and bike to your favorite destinations. Sign up for our action alerts and stay informed on what's going on in Congress and in your region. Thank you for all you do to support a healthier, more active and mobile America. 

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