Top 10 Resolutions for Trail Lovers

Posted 01/02/14 by Brian Gerhardstein in Trail Use, Health and Wellness

A morning walk on the trail | Photo courtesy Indy Kethdy | CC by 2.0

1Set a new milestone and go for it

Whether it’s 2,000 miles of cycling, 500 miles of running, 100 miles of walking, or two trail visits a week, setting a milestone will motivate you to get out on the trail. If training for a race, a monthly plan can keep you on track. If you’re a nature lover, plan to spot a set number of birds or other wildlife per week. You can also examine tree bark and learn to identify trees!

2Find an out-of-state trail and explore

While visiting the trails in your community and region is convenient and fun, plan to explore in 2014! Consider a day trip to a nearby state. Bring along your camera and create a lifelong memory. Find trails using, and upload your favorite trail photo when you return.

3Share your favorite trail with friends or family

Sharing your trail experience with friends or family is a great way to enjoy the outdoors together and a wonderful way to create memorable experiences. Bring or rent bicycles, and take the kids or your friends to your favorite trail. What’s better than sharing your love of trails with the people you love?!

4Wake up early and hit the trail

You’ve thought about it before, but you can’t seem to motivate yourself to hit the trail as the sun begins to rise. Now is the time! Don’t hit the snooze bar; instead, be the first person on the trail in the morning. It’s an amazing way to start to your day and will prepare you for the tasks ahead.

5Spice up your life with a new trail activity

Even if everyone in your network knows you as the dedicated runner, or you are well-known as the local cycling junkie, nature-loving hiker, etc., don’t let labels turn you into a single-activity trail user! Commit to new experiences and try a new activity. You may find the experience refreshing, and you will make new friends!

6Try commuting to work

Ditch the drive, and bike, walk or run to work! Find a local trail that helps you achieve this goal, and start from home or another location that suits you. You’ll save on gas, increase your fitness leveland feel better during your work day!

7Say goodbye to the holiday waistline

Utilizing your local trail to get in better shape is always a good idea! Consult with your doctor on a plan that works for you, and make the trail your go-to, get-fit destination!

8Give back to your community

Looking for a great way to do community service? Want to get more connected? Join a Friends Group in your area! The pride you feel at maintaining a local trail or donating time to a service organization will last a lifetime. You can also search for races or fundraisers on local trails that help raise money for cause-related organizations.

9Join or start a group

Join a local trail-activity group and start cycling, running or walking with others from your area! Trail activities are a great way to meet others in your community who share common interests. If no group exists, start one! You can also consider starting a group for coworkers or members of your local church or other organization to share trail experiences together.

10Support Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Your support will help Rails-to-Trails Conservancy continue to build, maintain, defend and connect trail corridors across the nation. That means even more trails for you to enjoy in your area. RTC is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Membership contributions and donations to RTC are tax deductible. Become a member today!

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