Good Things Happening in the Hoosier State!

Posted 11/03/14 by Rhonda Romano in America's Trails

Photo © Mark Stosberg

During the month of November, RTC will be highlighting all things Indiana.

With an eye on people, projects and policies, we are focusing on how the Hoosier State is moving toward a vision of a more walkable, bikeable and upwardly mobile state for its 6.6 million citizens and millions of visitors each year.

Indiana is a dynamic state, home to the metropolitan hubs of Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, the college towns of Bloomington and South Bend, and countless townships that dot the farmland and animate the rural landscape. This diversity is important to the state and is reflected in how people get around.

Here is a little taste of what's to come as we shine the spotlight on the Hoosier State:

  1. By the Numbers: Indiana is home to 57 trails that traverse nearly 400 miles around the state. The longest trail in Indiana is the Cardinal Greenway, and it stretches 62 miles through the eastern part of the state.
  2. The Indianapolis Cultural Trailthat runs through the state capital was long awaited, and is now widely celebrated. We'll tell you more about this corridor, what it took to bring the trail to Indy, the environmental elements included in the project design, and the economic impact of the trail.
  3. The Monon Trail was the 2009 inductee into the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame! This 15.7-mile Indiana icon follows part of the old Monon Railroad, which was one of the only north-south corridors in
    Photo of Monon Trail © TrailLink user Barry Ladwig
     the state. The railroad once served as an important supply line for Union troops and volunteers during the Civil War, and later for coal and other freight. Now, the Monon Trail touches thousands of people a day, from commuters and outdoors lovers to dog walkers and retirees.
  4. Visionary organizations and foundations are leading the charge to build and maintain Indiana's trails and greenways. We'll be telling you all about how these groups are finding innovative solutions to preserve the natural spaces that Hoosier State residents know and love.

We look forward to sharing with you the people and projects that make Indiana a notable state in the trails world. Stay tuned!

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