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Our Shared Values

Ohio’s Lake Front Bikeway | Photo by Jason Cohn

At Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, we believe that everyone has the right to safely walk, bike and be active outside. That’s why we are working to make trails and other active transportation infrastructure available, accessible and well-known to everyone in America, bringing joy and well-being to people’s lives. Our work is guided by our shared values—centered on respect, equity, integrity and the opportunity to unite people around a common appreciation for trails.

Our values are …


We take the action needed to create joyful, vibrant public spaces.

We’re ambitious in our strategy and innovative in our approach. We are willing to do what it takes to build the political will and generate the public enthusiasm necessary to fulfill our mission of a nation connected by trails. We take the optimistic view and find adventure in every situation. 


We believe that our work together is better because of everyone’s contributions.

We embrace shared leadership—among our colleagues and our partners. Together, we can unlock the benefits of trails for people who are diverse in their experiences and places that are diverse in their geographies. Through thoughtful partnership, accountability and a culture of learning, we foster the relationships that produce equitable outcomes.


We create lasting results for people and places.

We find creative ways to address complex national challenges. We are resilient, motivated by the incremental victories that add up to transformative impact. We are focused on the end result, upholding accountability and integrity in our work.


We bring humanity to the process of creating trail networks.

We care about each other and the people and places where we work. We listen first, learning from the experiences and perspectives of our colleagues, peers and partners. We prioritize health, wellness and well-being in our day-to-day work with each other and in the communities we serve.