Trail Moments

The nation’s trails serve as an important space for millions of people to be active and connect with their friends and family. Trails in neighborhoods across the country have welcomed new people looking for spaces to play, commute, walk, bike, run and explore. Long-time trail lovers have discovered trails that are new to them and the new adventures they hold.

At Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, we are capturing these trail moments—and sharing your stories of joy, moments of solitude, and motivation for exercise and self-care to inspire others to explore trails and the outdoors close to home, while helping our local leaders understand how important trails are to the health and well-being of our lives and our communities.


Share Your Trail Moments

Have you recently discovered trails, or are you a long-time trail enthusiast? Either way, we hope you’ll share your “Trail Moments”—and the stories of how trails have impacted your life. Take the survey below, or share using #TrailMoments on social media. Toma la encuesta en Español.

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Find Your Next Trail Moment

Find your next trail moment and new close-to-home trail experiences. TrailLink, RTC's free trail-finder website and mobile app (iOS and Android), has information on more than 40,000 miles of multiuse trails nationwide, including trail maps, walking and biking directions to get to the trail, and websits for local trail management organizations.


Share the Trail and Recreate Responsibly

RTC has long urged everyone to learn and practice good trail etiquette to ensure safe experiences for all trail users. But as more and more people flock to the trails, and as individuals and families continue to look to trails for outdoor activity, sharing the trail and recreating responsibly have never mattered more. Do your part to Share the Trail and follow the #RecreateResponsibly guidelines anytime you head outdoors. It’s up to all of us to protect each other and the places we love.