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This summer, we’re calling on people across the country to make trails part of their everyday lives—building joy, exploration, connection and self-care into our day-to-day routines. It’s inspiring to hear your stories about the ways that trail moments make a difference in your life. That’s why we are encouraging you to dig in a little bit more and share with us stories about the impact trails have on everything from your health and well-being, to climate action, connecting with family and friends, and checking bucket-list adventures off your list!

Show us how you’re using the trails by submitting a photo, video and/or your written story using the form below. Along the way, we’ll be sharing inspiration to help keep you motivated, including randomly giving out Rails-to-Trails Conservancy gear and prizes to people who participate!

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Trail Moments are stories of joy exploration, connection and self-care to inspire others to make trails part of their day-to-day lives.

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About Trail Moments

In neighborhoods across America, trails are essential—creating space for us to walk, bike and be active outside. Trails are places where we connect with friends and family, log daily steps, safely commute to the places we need to go or simply take some time for ourselves. The moments we make in these spaces are limitless, but across the board, trail moments make our everyday moments better.

At Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, we are capturing these trail moments—and sharing your stories of joy, exploration, connection and self-care to inspire others to make trails part of their day-to-day lives. These stories are motivating, and they help our local leaders understand how important trails are to the well-being of people, places and the planet.

Over the past few years, trails in neighborhoods across the country have welcomed new people looking for spaces to play, commute, walk, bike, run and explore. Long-time trail lovers have discovered trails that are new to them and the new adventures they hold. Join us, share your trail moments, and help invite more people to experience the joy and impact of trails.


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