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Focus Term: Accessibility

Christopher “Salt” Morton’s Trail Moments: A Journey of Self-Reflection
September 27, 2023
I made the impulsive decision to embark on a journey to walk across the country solo and be the first Deaf man in America to do so.
Trenton, NJ | Photo courtesy Chris “Salt” Morton
Trail Moments | Adventure for All: Advocating for Accessible Outdoor Spaces
May 04, 2023
People with disabilities also like a spectrum of experiences and—especially with all this new technology—are capable of a wide variety.
Quinn Brett | Photo by Jimmy McAllan
Finding Freedom on Your Bike as an Adaptive Cyclist
March 27, 2023
My name is Patrick, and I am an adaptive cyclist. That means I cycle, but I do it on a type of bike that works with my disability. I have left-sided hemiparesis. That means my movement, balance and vision are impaired on my left side. But, my hemiparesis doesn’t stop me from cycling. Adaptive cycling is a great sport for people with disabilities, because it brings a sense of freedom.
Patrick Sweeney on adaptive trike | Photo courtesy Patrick Sweeney
Trail Moments | Biking Through Triumphs and Troubles
March 15, 2023
“I only go on rail-trails now,” Carol said. “They make me feel safer because I don’t have to be watching for cars and traffic. And I can’t go very fast—I have to go slow so that I can see.”
Joe Rebar and Carol Walter on the trail | Photo courtesy Joe Rebar
Blue Ridge Tunnel Accessibility Day Makes Dreams Come True
December 27, 2022
Blue Ridge Tunnel Accessibility Day makes dreams come true for Amy and Greg Eye and Barbara Ramsey from Louisa County, Virginia.
Will Oldaker (far right) and his family drove hours to experience the Blue Ridge Tunnel in Virginia; traveling with him (left to right) were his mother Lyn Oldaker, his children Traci and Riley, and his wife Beth. | Photo by Nancy Sorrells
World Record Holder Sets Out on 475-Mile Wheelchair Trek on the Great American Rail-Trail
September 23, 2022
Ian Mackay formally started his Great American Rail-Trail ride from the National Mall to the C&O Canal Towpath trailhead in Georgetown.
Ian’s ride on the Great American Rail-Trail began with a ceremony on the National Mall. | Photo by Anthony Le, courtesy RTC
#TrailMoments with Noodle (@NoodsterScootster)
September 01, 2022
RTC was drooling over the chance to collaborate with Noodle, rescue dog and star of @NoodsterScootser, and her family, who have helped her adapt to the outdoors after being found with a spinal cord injury.
Photo courtesy of Bree Corbin
Connections of Land, Sea and Sky: Olympic Discovery Trail
September 07, 2021
The Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) is a showcase of some of the most renowned cultural and natural assets on the North Olympic Peninsula.
The Elwha River Bridge in Port Angeles along the Olympic Discovery Trail has two decks—one for vehicles and one (below it) for pedestrians and bicyclists. | Photo by John Gussman
Trail Moments | Adapting to the Pandemic: Finding Safe Outdoor Spaces in a Changed World
July 07, 2021
After finding a tandem bike I could use the sky (or at least as far as we were able to drive) has been the limit in exploring rail-trails.
Photo courtesy Marjorie Turner Hollman, graphic by RTC
2021 Great American Rail-Trail Route Assessment Report
May 01, 2021
This report, Great American Rail-Trail Route Assessment, was originally published by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) in May 2019. This updated version was published in May 2021.