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Focus Term: Encouraging Trail Use

Más Trail Moments con Vanessa Chavarriaga Posada: Una forma de dar pasos a favor del planeta
August 04, 2023
Paso mucho tiempo en los senderos. Como corredora y esquiadora profesional, he dedicado gran parte de mi vida adulta a estar al aire libre, haya nieve o sol.
Fotografía cortesía de Vanessa Chavarriaga Posada
Trail Moments with Latino Outdoors Outings Leader Valerie Pasión
June 14, 2023
My relationship with cycling here in Baltimore grew from my experience using biking and walking as my primary modes of transportation during Peace Corps service.
Photo by Michael Ocasio
Trail Moments | Adventure for All: Advocating for Accessible Outdoor Spaces
May 04, 2023
People with disabilities also like a spectrum of experiences and—especially with all this new technology—are capable of a wide variety.
Quinn Brett | Photo by Jimmy McAllan
Exploring America’s E-Bike Evolution
May 04, 2023
Now it’s younger families, maybe zero-car families that are using cargo e-bikes as a car replacement or commuters trying to get from A to B in the most efficient way they can.
Photo by Stephen Matera
Celebrate Trails Day 2023: Showcasing the Impact of America’s Trails
May 04, 2023
Many thanks to the at least 12,000 people who participated and our more than 220 partners for Celebrate Trails Day 2023.
Celebrate Trails Day 2023 in Columbus, OH | Photo courtesy RTC
Six Ways to Be a Good Steward on Celebrate Trails Day (and Every Day)
April 10, 2023
Below are just a few ways you can participate on Celebrate Trails Day while showing a little love to your community and the planet.
Community Painting Day with artist Jay Coreano along Pennsylvania's Tacony Creek Trail | Photo courtesy Tookany-Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc
Explore Trails While Learning About the Nation’s Rich History
April 04, 2023
According to The Historical Marker Database, there are more than 176,000 historic markers, and there will be even more historic markers dedicated to elevating the stories of people and places along the Great American Rail-Trail®
Red Brick Road | Photo by Gene Bisbee
Finding Freedom on Your Bike as an Adaptive Cyclist
March 27, 2023
My name is Patrick, and I am an adaptive cyclist. That means I cycle, but I do it on a type of bike that works with my disability. I have left-sided hemiparesis. That means my movement, balance and vision are impaired on my left side. But, my hemiparesis doesn’t stop me from cycling. Adaptive cycling is a great sport for people with disabilities, because it brings a sense of freedom.
Patrick Sweeney on adaptive trike | Photo courtesy Patrick Sweeney
Trail Moments | Biking Through Triumphs and Troubles
March 15, 2023
“I only go on rail-trails now,” Carol said. “They make me feel safer because I don’t have to be watching for cars and traffic. And I can’t go very fast—I have to go slow so that I can see.”
Joe Rebar and Carol Walter on the trail | Photo courtesy Joe Rebar
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Hosts Expert Roundtable to Discuss Importance of Nation’s Trails in Building Community, Encouraging People to Be Active Outside, and Inspiring Action for the Planet
March 02, 2023
RTC, CDC, and Women @ Work to join roundtable discussion focused on strategies for being active outside in ways.
Celebrate Trails Day 2023 in Columbus, OH | Photo courtesy RTC