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Focus Term: Encouraging Trail Use

Hiking Hacks: Long-Distance Prep Tips and Tricks for Rail-Trails 101
February 14, 2023
A long-distance hike can truly be the adventure of a lifetime. With rail-trail thru hiking becoming more and more popular every day, I wanted to share some knowledge I’ve learn over the many years and thousands of miles I’ve spent on hiking and rail-trails about the world.
On the Appalachian Trail in 2021 | Photo courtesy Retha Charette
Trail Moments | Cycling for Life
February 13, 2023
Cycling on America’s rail-trails has been an integral part of my journey—helping me to survive PH physically as well as emotionally. I’m so glad these trails exist, and I look forward to another 20 years of riding them.
Betzy Salcedo, Brenda Hamilton and Kathleen Richardson at the end of a ride from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C., via the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath. | Photo by Joseph Richardson
New Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Data Shows Strong Demand for Places to Walk, Bike and Be Active Outside
December 21, 2022
New data released today RTC shows trail use and demand for trails rebounding to near the record-setting levels of the pandemic.
Young adults out riding bikes - Photo courtesy Getty Images
Reflecting on 2022: Capturing Once-in-a-Generation Opportunities for Trails, Walking and Biking
December 08, 2022
This December, we’re taking time to reflect on the challenges and changes, hard work and persistence, that’s made up the fabric of this impactful year.
Photo courtesy Getty Images
Trail Moments | Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream on the Great American Rail-Trail
November 03, 2022
Family, work and life combined with the Great American Rail-Trail announcement to push me toward a commitment to a long-distance bike trip.
Arriving home at the end of the Great American Rail-Trail journey | Photo courtesy David Berrigan
#TrailMoments With Black Women In Nature (@BlkWomenInNature)
October 07, 2022
Meet Ivory Levert and Angela Mitchell, the power pair beyond Black Women In Nature, and learn how they’re inspiring more people to get outside on the trail!
Angela Mitchell and Ivory Levert, Co-Founders, Black Women In Nature | Photo by Doreen Dawkins
#TrailMoments with Albert Ting (@pootie_ting)
October 06, 2022
For me, the positive impact that going car-free has on air quality, reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing traffic congestion far outweighs the benefits of owning a car.
Photo courtesy Albert Ting
World Record Holder Sets Out on 475-Mile Wheelchair Trek on the Great American Rail-Trail
September 23, 2022
Ian Mackay formally started his Great American Rail-Trail ride from the National Mall to the C&O Canal Towpath trailhead in Georgetown.
Ian’s ride on the Great American Rail-Trail began with a ceremony on the National Mall. | Photo by Anthony Le, courtesy RTC
Trail Moments | A Conversation With Chelsea Murphy of She Colors Nature
June 10, 2022
RTC sat down with Chelsea Murphy to talk about her Trail Moments. Chelsea loves getting outdoors and inspiring others to do the same.
Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail | Courtesy of Chelsea Murphy
Trail Moments | By Sight & Sound: Tips for Birding Beginners
May 30, 2022
I love birding for many reasons. In addition to exposing us to the wonder and beauty of birds and the natural world, birding can help us become better listeners and observers, as well as more careful and detailed thinkers.
Keith Russell leading a bird walk at Philadelphia's Discovery Center | Photo by Gregory Walker