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A Walk to Remember: Indiana’s Place as the Crucible of American Music
February 01, 2022
America’s greatest contribution to cultural history is its music, and it’s been influenced directly by the records made by those artists of Gennett records.
Considered icons of the New Orleans jazz sound, King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band recorded their debut album in 1923 at Gennett Records in Richmond, Indiana. | Courtesty Charlie Dahan
Follow Your Art: Exploring the Trailside Artwork of Bernard Williams
January 27, 2022
“Connecting art with trails is a beautiful gesture that seems to be happening more often,” reflected Bernard Williams.
Talking Wall artwork along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail | Courtesy Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc.
A Conversation With the 2021 Rail-Trail Champion: Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb
January 25, 2022
RTC is honoring Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb as the 2021 Doppelt Family Rail-Trail Champion for the state’s Next Level Trails program.
Gov. Eric Holcomb at the Next Level Trails program announcement in 2019 | Courtesy Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Trail Moments | Native Women Running Founder Verna Volker Gets a Running Start on Social Change
December 06, 2021
In Minneapolis, I noticed that there was a really good trail and park system, so I saw people running a lot and thought, ‘I should try that.’
Verna Volker | Photo by Jaylyn Gough, courtesy Hoka One One
Taters and Trains: The Great Big Baked Potato and the Northern Pacific Line
November 10, 2021
The year was 1908; Hazen Titus was the new superintendent of dining cars for the now-defunct Northern Pacific (NP) Railway when he overheard a conversation.
Sheet music image | Courtesy University of Colorado, Music Library
Close Ties: Louisiana Bootlace Trail Network
October 26, 2021
Trail advocates in Louisiana are coming together with a vision to create a 100-miles-plus trail network loop that will lace together a dozen parishes.
Part of the developing Louisiana Bootlace Trail Network, New Orleans’ Wisner Trail is nestled between two popular recreational amenities - City Park and Bayou St. John. Photo by Jennifer Ruley, courtesy City of New Orleans.
Reimagining Public Spaces
October 12, 2021
We explored the strengths of our movement, our role in bringing solutions to these significant social challenges and the opportunities ahead.
Met Branch Trail | Photo by India Kea
Connections of Land, Sea and Sky: Olympic Discovery Trail
September 07, 2021
The Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) is a showcase of some of the most renowned cultural and natural assets on the North Olympic Peninsula.
The Elwha River Bridge in Port Angeles along the Olympic Discovery Trail has two decks—one for vehicles and one (below it) for pedestrians and bicyclists. | Photo by John Gussman
Southern New Mexico’s Cloud-Climbing Trestle Trail Preserves Unique Piece of Railroad History
July 26, 2021
The Cloud-Climbing Trestle Trail is one of a network of trails rooted in the history of the Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway (A&SM), also known as the Cloud-Climbing Railroad.
The 122-year-old Cloud-Climbing Trestle, also known as the Mexican Canyon Trestle | Photo by Cindy Barks
The Legacy of White Buffalo Girl, and the Resiliency of a People
June 04, 2021
In Laurel Hill Cemetery just outside the town of Neligh, Nebraska, stands a gravestone. Here lies White Buffalo Girl.
Volunteers participate in a sacred corn planting in 2019, sowing the seeds by hand. | Photo by Alex Matzke, courtesy Bold Nebraska