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10 Great Destinations Along Missouri’s Future Rock Island Trail
March 16, 2023
Below are some of our favorite destinations along the Rock Island Trail, which is undergoing trail development and is not yet open for use.
This Caboose greets visitors where the Katy Trail and the Rock Island Trail intersect in Windsor. | Photo courtesy Missouri Rock island Trail Inc.
Of History and Industry: The Legacy of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail
March 14, 2023
“This towpath has made it so much easier for people to feel comfortable riding their bikes to a lot of places,” DevahD said. “You can shop off the towpath. You can eat off the towpath. You can play off the towpath. It can’t get any better than this.”
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath | Photo by Jason Cohn
Industrial Heartland History: Scott’s Run—the Most Diverse Coal Camp in America
February 02, 2023
Take a step inside the Scott’s Run Museum in Osage, West Virginia, on a Saturday afternoon, and you’re in for a story time like no other.
Once the most thriving coal district in the U.S., Scott’s Run fell on hard times in the 1920s. Residents who were not allowed to move to the nearby New Deal community of Arthurdale banded together, forming workers alliances and cooperatives to survive. (1937) | Photo by Lewis Hine
Riverfront Trail Offers Glimpse Into the Heart of Kansas City
July 19, 2022
Kaw Point Park is one of the many highlights on Kansas City’s 15-mile Riverfront Heritage Trail. Along the way, the bike/pedestrian pathway takes in not just the two rivers, but two states, three counties, three cities, countless neighborhoods, bustling retail centers and vast industrial areas.
Riverfront Heritage Trail | Photo by Cindy Barks
Bridge to Everywhere: Examining Signature Gateways Across America
June 09, 2022
Examining the Connectors, Builders and Signature Gateways Across America’s Trail Networks
Wendy Park Bridge along the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Lake Link Trail | Photo by Jason Cohn
A Path Toward Healing
June 03, 2022
The events of Fort Robinson, while seminal in the Northern Cheyenne’s quest for freedom and autonomy, were not a well-known history.
Northern Cheyenne Monument | Photo courtesy Northern Cheyenne Journey Home Committee
Richmond’s Roots
May 11, 2022
The Richmond Greenway in California’s Bay Area is serving as a catalyst for activation and revitalization.
California's Richmond Greenway | Photo by R.D. Lopez
Montana: On a Path to Better Health Through Trail Prescriptions
May 11, 2022
Wellness happens step-by-step in Missoula, Montana. Instead of relying solely on the prescription pad, more of Missoula’s health-care community is recommending movement on Missoula’s Rx Trails to improve everything from back pain to depression.
Missoula's Milwaukee Trail | Courtesy Missoula In Motion
North Carolina’s Trails
March 29, 2022
Trails are a vital part of North Carolina’s infrastructure, providing significant health, economic and transportation benefits.
American Tobacco Trail | Photo by TrailLink user daveconnelly
Colorado: Exploring the Colorado Riverfront Trail
March 29, 2022
I was in town primarily to explore a relatively thin strip of those public lands, the 22-mile Colorado Riverfront Trail. The Riverfront Trail is actually a conglomeration of multiple (mostly) connected trails that join the trio of communities along with state parkland—including four of the five separated sections of James M. Robb–Colorado River State Park, known locally as a “string of pearls,” and several community parks.
Colorado Riverfront Trail, looking into Colorado National Monument Walk Wildlife Area | Photo by TrailLink user auerbach_j