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Pathway to Prosperity: Missouri’s Katy Trail Is a Beautiful Model for Commerce
December 02, 2016
Missouri’s Katy Trail supports small businesses across the state and serves as a model for other rail-trail projects nationwide.
Trail's End Monument in Sedalia, 35 miles east of the Katy Trail's western end in Clinton, celebrating Sedalia's history as the first cow town | Photo by Danielle Taylor
Former R.E.M. Tour Manager Creates Rural Connections in Washington
November 07, 2016
It may be a no-brainer that Seattle-born Bobby Whittaker has always loved the outdoors, having been raised by the first American to summit Mt. Everest.
Bobby Whittaker, president of Ferry County Rail Trail Partners, with 770-foot trestle over Curlew Lake in background | Photo by Rich Landers
A View From … The Industrial Heartland Trails Network
September 13, 2016
The developing Industrial Heartland Trails Network is a collection of nearly three dozen pathways featuring scenic wilderness, dramatic railroad tunnels and trestles, welcoming trail towns and historical sites from the birthplace of America’s Industrial Revolution.
Ohio and Erie Canalway Towpath Trail under the I-80 overpass in Summit County, Ohio | Photo by Bob Callebert
Trail of Tributes: September 11 Memorial Trail Honors America’s Fallen Heroes
September 08, 2016
The September 11th National Memorial Trail (NMT) is a multi-use circuit born of many different kinds of connections—among trail advocates, communities, existing trails and even moments in history.
Inaugural September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance ride, Liberty State Park, Sept. 10, 2015 | Photo by Gail Zavian
Destination: Virginia Beach
July 11, 2016
This destination feature highlights the sights and wonders of four trails around Virginia Beach: the Cape Henry Trail, Elizabeth River Trail, Norfolk Avenue Trail and Virginia Beach Boardwalk.
Statue of Neptune along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk | Photo by Scott Stark
Destination Missouri: Katy Trail State Park
July 11, 2016
Missouri’s Katy Trail State Park is the nation’s second-longest rail-trail (at nearly 238 miles) and arguably one of its most celebrated.
Trail's End Monument in Sedalia, 35 miles east of the Katy Trail's western end in Clinton, celebrating Sedalia's history as the first cow town | Photo by Danielle Taylor
Destination: Washington—Following the Foothills Trail
May 01, 2016
There’s a spot on the Foothills Trail in western Washington where I always slow down. It’s not a sudden steep climb or dicey patch of gravel that causes me to feather my bike brakes on the outskirts of Orting.
Carbon River trestle along the Foothills Trail in western Washington | Photo by Gene Bisbee
5 Amazing Rail-Trail Destinations for Your Bucket List
April 12, 2016
The Rio Grande Trail is quintessential Colorado, featuring a sparkling river, rustling aspens and scented pines against a backdrop of towering mountains.
View from the Walkway Over the Hudson rail-trail in New York | Photo by Aaron Schmidt
Destination: Virginia — Strolling the Chessie Nature Trail
May 18, 2015
Chessie Nature Trail: In late fall, ash, oak and beech trees burn brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, where the Blue Ridge Mountains meet the Allegheny range.
Photo courtesy RTC
Appalachian Engine: The Virginia Creeper Trail Keeps Bringing Visitors Back
May 15, 2015
Southwest Virginia’s 34-mile Virginia Creeper Trail (VCT) is timeless. The trail is a beloved regional asset and economic boon.
Photo by Jason Barnette - Southeastern Traveler:Courtesy Abingdon Convention and Visitors Bureau