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Focus Term: Health and Active Living

Reimagining Public Spaces
October 12, 2021
We explored the strengths of our movement, our role in bringing solutions to these significant social challenges and the opportunities ahead.
Met Branch Trail | Photo by India Kea
Oklahoma’s Oklahoma River Trails
October 06, 2021
These routes, including the well-loved Oklahoma River Trails, bring people to the neighborhoods, parks, world-class attractions and the flourishing downtown region.
Oklahoma River Trails | Courtesy Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Trail Moments | A Student of Biking: Learning to Love Trails
September 15, 2021
Bike rides clear my mind and help me focus on the rest of the day. For me, quick physical activities during the weekdays are now based around trails.
Graphic by RTC, Photos courtesy Hyderabad Randonneurs and TrailLink user fredjerina
Trail Moments | How To Long-Distance Bike Tour With (Six!) Young Kids
September 03, 2021
We’ve found that good rails-trail routes can be very forgiving to those new to bike touring. We’ve learned so much since then.
Photos courtesy Dale Majors and TrailLink user protoolned, graphic by RTC
Trail Moments | The Great Bike Shortage? For Me, It Was the Great Bike Summer!
September 02, 2021
During the early days of the COVID-induced Great Bike Shortage, I stood in line with a neighbor to buy a used bike. Her first bike.
Photo by Lisa Watts, graphic by RTC
Trail Moments | How a Rail-Trail Helped Save My Life and Redirect My Focus
August 06, 2021
As I’ve watched outdoor recreation interest explode, it’s made me reflect on how a simple bike ride on a rail-trail saved my life.
Photo by Shawn Gossman, graphic by RTC
Trail Moments | Older, Wiser and Faster: A Friendly Competition Among Family
June 30, 2021
We became a daily fixture on the sidewalks of our neighborhood. Soon, we became known as “the riding couple” on the weekends.
Photo courtesy Thresa Giles and Albert Grant, graphic by RTC
Trail Moments | Finding Health, Healing and Hope on the Trail
May 13, 2021
After a long day of being in the house, sitting in front of a computer for seven hours, the only thing I wanted to do was close down my Zoom and go outside and ride my bike.
MaShanta Ashmon on Michigan's Clinton River Park Trail | Photo by Rachel Walker | Graphic by RTC
What’s It Like to Ride the Great American Rail-Trail? Just Ask These Trail Trekkers.
May 07, 2021
RTC talked to several long-distance bicyclists who have taken on the Great American Rail trail alread.
Washington's Olympic Discovery Trail | Photo by John Gussman
How to Train for a 5K or 10K Using Rail-Trails
April 05, 2021
Rail-trails are an especially great option for training for that first race for a variety of reasons. For one thing, many of these trails are paved, flat or with a very light grade.
Fun Run 5k on the W&OD Trail in Northern Virginia | Photo courtesy RTC