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Focus Term: History Happened Here

Oregon’s Crown Zellerbach Trail
November 15, 2022
Winding 25 miles through the northwest corner of Oregon, the Crown Zellerbach Trail (affectionately nicknamed the Crown Z Trail) serves as a rolling journey into history, introducing visitors to the home of the region’s First Peoples, the legacy of the area’s railroad and timber industries and intriguing geological events.
Oregon's Crown Zellerbach Trail | Photo by Dale Latham
10 Great Places of Learning Along the Great American Rail-Trail
November 04, 2022
The Great American Rail-Trail® and its hosts trails connect to many places of learning, history and culture where students can take a break from the grind of classwork and explore. Here are some of our favorites.
National Trails Interpretive Center in Casper, Wyoming | Photo by Amy Kapp
Trailside: Richmond’s (Haunted?) Poe Museum and the Legacy of a Gothic Literary Master
October 28, 2022
To celebrate Halloween this year, let's shine a light on a 100-year cultural attraction in Richmond, The Poe Museum, which sits just a block from the 52-mile Virginia Capital Trail and pays homage to one of America’s greatest gothic writers: Edgar Allan Poe.
The Poe Museum and its famous kitty ambassadors, Edgar and Pluto, near the Virginia Capital Trail in Richmond | Photo courtesy The Poe Museum
Check Out These Historical Haunted Houses and Buildings—Trailside
October 28, 2022
In honor of Halloween, we’ve explored a few of the great houses and structures along rail-trails that are rich in both history and paranormal mystery.
White House at Halloween | Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks
Riverfront Trail Offers Glimpse Into the Heart of Kansas City
July 19, 2022
Kaw Point Park is one of the many highlights on Kansas City’s 15-mile Riverfront Heritage Trail. Along the way, the bike/pedestrian pathway takes in not just the two rivers, but two states, three counties, three cities, countless neighborhoods, bustling retail centers and vast industrial areas.
Riverfront Heritage Trail | Photo by Cindy Barks
A Path Toward Healing
June 03, 2022
The events of Fort Robinson, while seminal in the Northern Cheyenne’s quest for freedom and autonomy, were not a well-known history.
Northern Cheyenne Monument | Photo courtesy Northern Cheyenne Journey Home Committee
Take an American Adventure on 10 Presidential Pathways
February 21, 2022
Just in time for Presidents’ Day, here are 10 multiuse trails that share ties with some notable U.S. heads of state.
Virginia's Mount Vernon Trail | Photo by TrailLink user ringogarcia1972 Virginia's Mount Vernon Trail | Photo by TrailLink user ringogarcia1972
A Walk to Remember: Indiana’s Place as the Crucible of American Music
February 01, 2022
America’s greatest contribution to cultural history is its music, and it’s been influenced directly by the records made by those artists of Gennett records.
Considered icons of the New Orleans jazz sound, King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band recorded their debut album in 1923 at Gennett Records in Richmond, Indiana. | Courtesty Charlie Dahan
Taters and Trains: The Great Big Baked Potato and the Northern Pacific Line
November 10, 2021
The year was 1908; Hazen Titus was the new superintendent of dining cars for the now-defunct Northern Pacific (NP) Railway when he overheard a conversation.
Sheet music image | Courtesy University of Colorado, Music Library
Eight Creepy Cool Trailside Attractions
October 27, 2021
RTC presents this list of some of our favorite creepy trailside attractions for some much-needed levity (no pun intended?) and fun!
Photo by Hunter Franklin, courtesy