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Swap Out a Car Trip for a Trail Trip With These Tips and Tricks
August 31, 2022
Swap out a car trip for a trail trip to decrease your carbon footprint. The best part—it will help us feel better, too.
Along the Great Rivers Greenway trail network in St. Louis, Missouri | Photo courtesy Great Rivers Greenway
Trail Moments | Tips for Outdoor Outings With Your Kids
August 04, 2022
As someone who has hiked, biked, skied, climbed and simply enjoyed being outside in nature and beyond with her family, Chelsea Murphy had a lot of wisdom to share.
Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail | Courtesy of Chelsea Murphy
Trail Moments | Swapping a Car for a Bike? Here’s What I Learned.
July 07, 2022
I decided to purchase my own e-bike and conquer my own fears of biking in the city. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Biking in D.C.'s Rock Creek Park | Photo by Hayden Duncan, courtesy Victoria Yuen
Trail Moments | By Sight & Sound: Tips for Birding Beginners
May 30, 2022
I love birding for many reasons. In addition to exposing us to the wonder and beauty of birds and the natural world, birding can help us become better listeners and observers, as well as more careful and detailed thinkers.
Keith Russell leading a bird walk at Philadelphia's Discovery Center | Photo by Gregory Walker
Trail Moments | Advice From a Mom: How to Get Kids to Love Biking
May 06, 2022
I’ll share some of the tips we used to help our daughter become a successful and happy rider, and we welcome advice from other parents.
Colorado's Farmers High Line Canal Trail | Photo by Scott Stark
Trail Moments | Recapturing Life on a Great American Journey
April 14, 2022
Whitney Washington’s 3,700-mile route across the country began with a few hard-earned turns of the bike wheel.
Whitney Washington | Courtesy Whitney Washington
Geocaching: Find the Fun!
March 30, 2022
With millions of geocaches hidden throughout the world, there’s a very good chance one is located on your favorite trail! Geocaching is a high-tech game of hide and seek. Put simply, someone hides a container for others to find. The game started in early 2000. When launched later that year, only 75 geocaches existed. Today, there are more than 3.3 million geocaches in 190 countries.
Photo courtesy Groundspeak Inc. (dba Geocaching)
Siete cosas que pueden salir mal en recorrido en bicicleta, ¡y cómo solucionarlas!
March 24, 2022
Todos hemos tenido esos días en los que las cosas simplemente no salieron según lo planeado. Su calentador de agua falló a mitad de la ducha...
una persona reparando su bicicleta
Cómo manejar bajo la lluvia
March 24, 2022
La lluvia, ya sea llovizna o aguacero, cambia las reglas del juego. Pero, si bien no está entre los primeros en la lista de condiciones
foto de jamie mccaffrey
Cómo volver a montar en bicicleta después de años (8 consejos simples)
March 24, 2022
Tengo treinta y largos, y recientemente comencé a andar en bicicleta nuevamente después de un largo tiempo.
Foto cortesía de Bicycle House Tallahassee