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Golden Rules: Six Things You Need to Know for Trail Season
June 13, 2017
And whether you’re a commuter, a caregiver or a long-distance rider, it’s important to know and practice good safety and trail use etiquette.
Photo courtesy RTC
How to Prepare for Your First Long-Distance Trail Ride
February 14, 2017
We thought it was a great time to present five simple tips for long-distance trail rides, specifically for first time riders.
Cedar Lake Trail in Minneapolis, Minnesota | Photo by Tony Hull, Toole Design Group
13 Reasons Bicycles Are Perfect for the Zombie Apocalypse
October 29, 2016
Just in time for Halloween, your list of 13 reasons bicycles make the perfect vehicle for the zombie apocalypse.
Photo courtesy Mikey Wally | CC by 2.0
15 Essentials Every Bicyclist Should Have
August 24, 2015
A common question new bicyclists have is: What are the biking "essentials" I should have in my “toolkit”? RTC gave the answer a shot.
Photo courtesy Richard Masoner | CC by 2.0
Five Great Rail-Trails for Family Camping
July 16, 2015
School is out, summer is in, and it’s time to take the kids on a vacay. Below are five great options for a weekend camping and biking trip!
Photo courtesy RTC
How to Get Back on a Bike—Years Later (8 Simple Tips)
July 09, 2015
Getting back on a bike after a long time away can be a little intimidating. Here are a few tips and helpful hints for those of you who want to start riding again, but aren't quite sure where to start!
Photo courtesy Bicycle House Tallahassee
How to Plan Your First Overnight Bike Trip
May 22, 2015
These simple tips can help get you on your way to your first overnight bike trip.
Seven Things That Can Go Wrong on a Bike—And How to Fix ‘Em!
May 11, 2015
But while some things are simply up to fate to resolve, others are under our control! Here are (unlucky number) seven things that can go wrong on a bike ride—and some ways to cope with them.
Photo by Mark Wilkinson
How to Ride in the Rain
November 10, 2014
But, while it’s not top on the list for premiere riding conditions, with a few tricks up your sleeve, it’s easy to turn a ride in the rain from a soggy nightmare into a pleasure cruise.
Photo by Jamie McCaffrey
How to Get Your Bike in Tip-Top Shape in Under 10 Minutes
November 10, 2014
For the time-crunched, these steps can help you get your bike shined up and riding smoothly in less time than it takes the pizza delivery dude to get to your house.
Photo by DJ Damien