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Focus Term: State and Federal Programs

New Hampshire’s Londonderry Rail Trail
April 06, 2020
About a 45-mile drive northwest of Boston, the Londonderry Rail Trail in the quaint southern New Hampshire town of Londonderry offers locals a slice of tranquility in an otherwise upside-down world with a 4.5-mile jaunt through verdant forests and wildlife-rich wetlands and along scenic ponds.
Recently completed Cohas section of the Londonderry Rail Trail | Courtesy Londonderry Trailways
California Invests Over a Half-Billion Dollars for Low-Stress Active Transportation Projects
March 19, 2020
California’s Active Transportation Program (ATP) was created in 2013 to increase the safety and mobility of active transportation users and increase bicycling and walking mode shares.
California's Iron Horse Regional Trail | Photo by TrailLink user tommyonbike
Wyoming’s Platte River Trail
June 07, 2019
A momentary pause on the Platte River Trail might yield a glimpse of a pronghorn antelope or mule deer darting through the underbrush, or an eagle or osprey searching for a meal in the river.
Along the Platte River Trail by the Tate Pumphouse | Photo courtesy Platte River Trails
California Invests Big in Trails, Demonstrates Growing Statewide Demand for Walking and Biking Infrastructure
March 29, 2019
The California Transportation Commission (CTC) recently approved more than $280 million in Active Transportation Program (ATP) funding (Cycle 4) to support 59 trail, walking and biking projects throughout the state, with about half—some $139 million—going to trails and separated bikeway projects (hereafter collectively referred to as “trails”).
Skunk Train passing on Willits Rail-Trail | Photo by Laura Cohen
Protecting Trails in 2018: Five Ways We Mobilized in Communities This Year
November 15, 2018
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) and the national trail community put itself on the front lines to protect and defend trails in 2018. Here are five ways we mobilized in communities this year.
Baltimore, Maryland | Photo by Side A Photography
Kansas’ Flint Hills Trail State Park
November 13, 2018
Nestled into the gentle greens and golds of a vast prairie, rolling under leafy branches arched overhead like cathedral rooftops, and connecting small towns with friendly Midwestern charm, the Flint Hills Trail State Park proves there’s no place like Kansas.
Flint Hills Trail State Park | Photo courtesy Kansas Tourism
Ohio Senators Steve Wilson and Sean O’Brien on Creating a Statewide Trail System
May 11, 2018
In May 2017, the Ohio Legislative Trails Caucus, a bipartisan group of state-elected officials, committed to an Ohio Statewide Trail System.
Left to Right- Senators Sean O’Brien and Steve Wilson | Photo by Brian Housh
RTC’s Marianne Wesley Fowler Named 2014 Rail-Trail Champion
June 06, 2014
RTC is excited to announce Marianne Wesley Fowler of Alexandria, Va., as this year’s Doppelt Family Rail-Trail Champion.
Photos courtesy Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Active Transportation Beyond Urban Centers Report
January 01, 2011
The Active Transportation Beyond Urban Centers report demonstrates that active transportation is a part of life even beyond urban centers.