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Focus Term: Success Stories

10 Rail-Trails That Helped Build the Movement
February 11, 2016
In honor of RTC’s 30th anniversary, here are 10 game-changers of the rail-trail movement.
The High Line in New York City | Photo by Adrian Cabrero
Final Missouri Rock Island Trail Segment Confirmed in 450-Mile Trail Network
October 01, 2015
An announcement made on Sept. 30 of a cooperative agreement has been reached to purchase a 17.7-mile section of disused Rock Island Corridor.
Photo courtesy Missouri Rock Island Trail, Inc.
Wisconsin’s Kinnickinnic River Trail
January 13, 2015
The story of Milwaukee’s Kinnickinnic River Trail is the story of its eponymous river; paralleling each other through the city’s south side, the fate of the two is intimately intertwined.
View of the Kinnickinnic River from the trail | Photo by John December
West Virginia’s North Bend Rail Trail
January 09, 2015
In anticipation of RTC’s West Virginia Sojourn in June 2016—the “Wild and Wonderful North Bend Trail”—we’re pleased to feature this great pathway as our December Trail of the Month.
The North Bend Rail Trail out of North Bend State Park, near Cairo, West Virginia. | Photo by Jake Lynch
Triumph on the Trails: How One Woman Reclaimed Her Health After Cancer
January 06, 2015
We were pleased to learn of this recently published third video installment of “Life on the Atlanta BeltLine,” which outlines the story of Jenny—wife, mother of twins and courageous individual who regained her health on Atlanta’s Eastside Trail after recovering from breast cancer.
Photo courtesy Ed Yourdon via Flickr