Ohio's Great Miami River Trail in downtown Dayton | Photo by Jordan Hart

Recognizing and highlighting excellent trails—the people who make them possible—is part of our daily work through special programs, our publications and our relationships with trail partners and friends groups.

By honoring these amazing people and places, we aim to inspire others across America to continue this good work and help make a real impact in their communities.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's Rail-Trail Hall of Fame

Launched in 2007, the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame nationally recognizes exemplary rail-trails around the country. RTC selects inductees on merits including scenic value, popular use, community connections and geographic distribution.

Learn more about the incredible trails that have received this well-earned recognition.

Doppelt Family Rail-Trail Champions

Launched in 2011, the Doppelt Family Rail-Trail Champions Awards honor people around the nation who have made significant contributions to the rail-trail movement through their work, volunteerism or support—in short, people who have gone above and beyond in the name of trails.

Read about the winners and their achievements.

Trail of the Month

Each month, we highlight one of America’s amazing multi-use trails, exploring its history, development and unique personality as a recreation destination and active-transportation highway. Large and small, urban and rural—each featured trail brings something special to their communities and to the people who build, use, maintain and love them.

Check out our latest Trail of the Month and recent archives.

Rails to Trails Magazine

RTC’s flagship membership publication, Rails to Trails magazine, is dedicated to exploring America’s remarkable rail-trails and active-transportation networks, with a focus on how they impact millions of lives. Over the years, our stories have profiled some of the country’s most unique public pathways and most inspiring people in the trail world. Check out our latest edition online.

RTC TrailBlog

RTC is pleased to bring you the most relevant day-to-day national and regional news related to trails, walking and biking through our TrailBlog, which features events, people and voices from around America. Read up on the latest.


A signature endeavor of RTC is TrailLink.com, a searchable database of more than 30,000 miles of trails around the country, with detailed descriptions, interactive maps, plentiful photographs and firsthand ratings and reviews.

The first of its kind when launched in 2000, the website plays a critical role in encouraging and satisfying America’s growing need for opportunities to ride, walk, skate or run for transportation and recreation.

As of 2014, the online platform has expanded to include iPhone and Android mobile apps, allowing users to take TrailLink.com with them out on the trail. Learn more at TrailLink.com.


RTC’s annual Sojourns are unique “trail-building tools” designed to highlight the incredible impact that long-distance trail networks have on America’s communities. Since 2001, these multi-day trips have brought together hundreds of riders annually to celebrate open trails and draw attention to the gaps in would-be regional trail systems that, if complete, could result in innumerable economic, health and environmental benefits. Check out our Sojourns page for details on past and upcoming sojourn events.

Millennium Trails – “Honor the Past – Imagine the Future”

Part of President and First Lady Clinton’s White House Millennium Council project, the Millennium Trails initiative—enacted on June 26, 2000—recognized, promoted and enhanced or built more than 2,000 trails across the country, with a goal of engaging Americans in marking the new millennium and preserving a lasting legacy.

RTC in partnership with the council, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the American Hiking Society, recognized: 16 National Millennium Trails—celebrating America’s rich history; 50 Millennium Legacy Trails—reflecting the essence and spirit of our nation’s states/territories; and thousands of Community Millennium Trails.

Read more about this initiative on the White House Millennium Council website.