Reconnecting Milwaukee

A BikeAbleTM Study of Opportunity, Equity and Connectivity

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Reconnecting Milwaukee: 

A BikeAble™ Study of Opportunity, Equity and Connectivity

Milwaukee’s exemplary trails, including the Oak Leaf Trail and Hank Aaron Trail, serve as critical infrastructure for city residents, connecting communities and offering transportation and recreation benefits to those who use them. But the benefits that trails bring are not equitably shared among the residents who live there.  

A new RTC study finds that neighborhoods experiencing inequality in Milwaukee—those where a concentration of the population lives under the poverty line, is unemployed, does not have a high school degree, does not own a vehicle and is either African American or Hispanic—disproportionately lack access to biking and walking facilities. The study, Reconnecting Milwaukee—A BikeAble™ Study of Opportunity, Equity and Connectivity, explores current access for bicyclists and pedestrians to employment centers and schools as well the impact that potential plans for new trails and biking facilities could have on the city.

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About BikeAbleTM

RTC’s BikeAbleTM tool is a GIS-modeling platform that analyzes the bicycle connectivity of a community to determine the best low-stress route for bicycling between a set of user-specified origins and destinations. Stress-tolerance parameters are unique to each study region to  define the connectivity between origins and destinations specific to the needs of the community. The tool can also compare current scenarios with future scenarios to evaluate the potential impact of investments in trails and bicycle infrastructure on community connectivity. It also allows for population-specific assessments to identify inequities in the current bicycle network as well as opportunities to improve equitable access to trails in the community. Read full methodology.

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