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Applications are now open for the inaugural, FY 2023 Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program (ATIIP). This new discretionary funding program will provide planning, design and construction grants for connected trail networks and spines. Grant applications must be submitted by June 17th. You can find the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) here.

The Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Omnibus Appropriations bill that passed on December 23, 2022, includes funding to kick-start the Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program (ATIIP).

The bill includes $45 million for the program. While short of the $200 million ATIIP authorization in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the $500 million that RTC and Congressional champions called for in proposing the Connecting America’s Active Transportation System Act, this funding is critical to launch the program and demonstrate that connectivity investments are in high demand across the country.

The program will establish competitive grants that strategically invest in projects that connect active transportation networks and spines, accelerating local and regional plans to create safe and convenient walking and biking routes to everyday destinations and to fill gaps in trails between communities.

This unique program will enable communities to build from existing infrastructure for walking and biking to safely connect people to the destinations they travel to routinely, while also creating opportunities for sustainable transportation and recreation.

Advocating for FY25 Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program Funding

RTC is now advocating for funding for the program in the Fiscal Year 2025. USDOT is developing its budget proposal for FY25, and RTC sent a sign-on letter with the support of 28 organizations to the administration requesting this funding. We will continue to make the case for the program to key decisionmakers ultimately responsible for the development of the next federal budget with a goal to fully fund the program.

Note: This section will be updated consistently as guidance is created and released by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).

Quick Facts:

  • Administered By: USDOT
  • Type: Discretionary grants
  • Year Created: 2021
  • Also Known As: The Connecting America’s Active Transportation System Act (H.R. 2991/S.684)


The following are eligible project sponsors or applicants:  

The following project types are eligible for funding: