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The Neighborhood Access and Equity Grant Program, which was established under the Inflation Reduction Act in 2022, will provide $3 billion over the next 5 years to improve connectivity in communities affected by divisive infrastructure. This new program is unique in that Congress explicitly included language from the Connecting America’s Active Transportation System Act—now known as the Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program—emphasizing active transportation as a key strategy for reconnecting communities. The Neighborhood Access and Equity Grant Program will fund projects designed to build or improve complete streets, multiuse trails, regional greenways or active transportation networks and spines. Projects located in economically disadvantaged areas will be prioritized and may receive a larger share of federal funds.

RTC encourages you to consider applying for this new funding program to provide equitable access to trail and active transportation networks given the explicit language in this bill prioritizing such opportunities. This program will include both planning and construction grants. To prepare, consider your community’s transportation challenges, especially in areas of your community that are underserved, overburdened, or disadvantaged. Identify which facilities have created these challenges and barriers to connectivity, safety, and mobility. Consider who should be involved and strategies to best engage a broad range of community members who represent the neighborhoods and residents who will be served by the infrastructure.

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Quick Facts:

  • Type: Discretionary grant program
  • Administered By: Federal Highway Administration
  • Year Created: 2022 with the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Federal Share: The federal share generally will be no more than 80 percent but in a disadvantaged or underserved community may be up to 100 percent
  • Also Known As: NAE


The United States Department of Transportation – Overview of Funding and Financing at USDOT:

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Inflation Reduction Act Legislative Text:

United States Department of Transportation: Key Notices of Funding:

Combined NOFO: Reconnecting Communities Pilot and Neighborhood Access & Equity Programs:

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