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Assessing the Economic and Livability Value the Tammany Trace Rail Trail

May 1, 2015

Assessing the Economic and Livability Value of Multi-Use Trails- A Case Study into the Tammany Trace Rail TrailDownload

Multi-use trails bring recreational and health qualities to regions, but what is overlooked sometimes is the overall economic impact along with the increased livability that these trails can inevitably bring. This study looks into how small town south Louisiana has embraced its very own rail-trail, the Tammany “Trace,” as the clear recreational jewel and envy of the region. The study looks into how the region and local communities have benefited from the facility by collecting data from the following methods:

In conclusion, the study reveals:

Overall, the Tammany Trace continues to attract visitors and be an invaluable resource to the locals who frequent it. This firmly establishes the facility as an asset economically and a vital contributor to a higher quality of life for the local communities and region.

Created by Hagen Thames Hammons

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