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Trail Management

Impact of the MKT Trail on nearby property owners

April 1, 2013

Impact of the MKT Trail on nearby property ownersDownload

Trails have been shown to offer a variety of benefits. Despite these benefits, some concerns have been expressed by homeowners. Critics of new trail development continue to raise questions about the suitability of trails in neighborhoods. Such concerns include apprehension that trails will lower property values, increase crimes, cause traffic and parking problems and affect privacy of nearby residents.

To address these concerns, several studies have shown that nearby residents tend to view the trail as positive or neutral amenities that increase or have no impact on property values and have little impact on public safety.

Columbia Parks and Recreation Department and Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department of the University of Missouri conducted a mail survey of property owners living within 200 yards of the MKT Trail to find out how the trail affects nearby residents and their property.

Property owners were satisfied living adjacent to the MKT Trail and indicated the trail had improved their quality of life. A majority of respondents would choose to live near a trail again if they were to move. Most MKT neighbors thought the trail will make their property more desirable and valuable if listed for sale.

Overall, respondents ranked potential benefits of living near the MKT Trail very high and ranked potential problems of living next to the trail relatively low. Results indicated that promoting the trail’s benefit for non-motorized transportation, promoting community pride for the trail and better addressing people’s concerns about trail safety could increase the already high customer satisfaction levels.

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