The purpose of the Ludlam Trail Design Guidelines and Standards is to provide specific guidance for the design and development of the Ludlam Trail and provide general guidelines and standards for urban trails and paths throughout Miami-Dade County by building upon the Miami-Dade County Parks and Open Space System Master Plan and its Great Greenways, Trails and Water Trails vision.

The needs of a wide variety of users were identified and consolidated into a set of recommendations and standards for the Ludlam Trail and urban trails in general. The end product is a detailed graphical plan, section, and illustrative perspective for each detail study area that provides provide decision-makers, engineers and designers with design guidelines for Ludlam Trail that can be used as a general resource on other paths throughout Miami-Dade County.

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Published on 05/01/10

Author: Miami-Dade County, Park and Recreation Department

Collection: Trail Projects

Type: Manual

State: Florida

Tags: Design, Plan