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WEBINAR – Accessible and Inclusive Events and Programming on Multiuse Trails

By: Rails-to-Trails-Conservancy WEBINAR
April 12, 2023

WEBINAR – Accessible and Inclusive Events and Programming on Multiuse TrailsDownload

When most people go out on the trail, they are looking to have fun, be healthy, enjoy nature and bond with friends and family. This is true—regardless of one’s age or ability. By hosting inclusive events, trail professionals can create a welcoming environment that allows everyone to participate and enjoy the trail experience.

This webinar is designed for trail and recreation professionals interested in creating inclusive outdoor spaces for disabled trail users. The session will focus on strategies and best practices for hosting successful events and programs that cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities, spotlighting examples from:

– Devon Kurtz, Exec. Director, Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor
– Eric Mahnerd, Board Member, Sequim Wheelers
– Erin McDaniel, Health and Fitness Program Manager, Special Olympics of Kansas

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