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TrailNation Playbook

WEBINAR – TrailNation Playbook in Action: Building a Project Vision and Coalition to Unlock Funding

By: Rails-to-Trails-Conservancy WEBINAR
March 20, 2023

WEBINAR – TrailNation Playbook in Action: Building a Project Vision and Coalition to Unlock FundingDownload

Join Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) for our TrailNation Playbook in Action series! Throughout the year, we’ll take a deep dive into the TrailNation Playbook, a free resource to leverage the lessons learned from building trail networks, and leaders from across the trails and active transportation movement who are successfully implementing the playbook strategies in their communities.  

In this first session, we’ll discuss how a strong project vision, along with a robust and engaged coalition, work together to demonstrate the importance of the network for your community and unlock new funding opportunities. We’ll be joined by leaders from across the country to discuss their strategies and how these two critical pieces of the TrailNation Playbook have helped advance trail networks in their communities. 


• Kelly Pack, senior director of trail development at Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (moderator)
• Michele Perch, senior program officer at William Penn Foundation
• Judy Quisenberry, executive director of Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation
• Shae Strait, planning director at City of Fairmont, WV

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