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Strategies to Preserve and Build Affordable Housing Near Green Amenities and Urban Trails
February 01, 2022
What strategies and policies have or can be used by cities to build or preserve affordable housing near green amenities and urban trails?
Neighborhood Change and Gentrification Near Trails
October 18, 2021
The research looked at changes in gentrification indicators in the communities surrounding the three trails—the Metropolitan Branch Trail in Washington, D.C., the Shelby Farms Greenline in Memphis, Tennessee, and the Lafitte Greenway in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Powerful Partnerships: Utility Companies + Trails
September 01, 2021
Working alongside utility companies across the country, trail entities have often used utility corridors to help build safe and accessible trails for local communities
New Power Generation: Trails and Utilities in Wisconsin & across the US
September 01, 2021
Trails with utilties in Wisconsin
Trails Forecast: Resiliency and Repair
February 21, 2020
As natural disasters such as floods and tornados continue to increase across the country, trail managers are recognizing the need for new solutions to help mitigate the economic, environmental and infrastructural impacts and ensure long-term resiliency in their communities.
Rails-to-Trails Conversions: A Legal Review
May 05, 2017
Rail-trails are subject to a unique, and occasionally complex, mixture of federal and state law.
Legal Research Digest: Liability Aspects of Bikeways
April 01, 2010
This research project provides information on legal risks to transportation and other public entities having bikeways on shared roadways.
Considering Contamination in a Rail-Trail Conversion
December 09, 2004
This report discusses how construction of a trail on an abandoned rail corridor involves cleanup of toxic metals, chemicals and contaminants.