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Trail Management Best Practices: Case Studies in Creating Successful Community Trails
January 01, 2019
Best practices in Trail Management
2020 Vision: New York’s “Empire State Trail” Is Making Trails a Main Attraction
August 09, 2018
Empire State Trail (EST): Shaped like a giant sideways T intersecting near Albany, the EST will connect three corners of the state: Manhattan, Buffalo and the Canadian border near Lake Champlain.
A jogger on the Hudson River Valley Greenway catches the last rays of the day’s light as the sun sets behind the New Jersey skyline. | Photo by Scott Stark
Five Rail-Trails Along the Underground Railroad
February 15, 2018
Spanning more than 2,007 miles between Alabama and Canada, the Underground Railroad (UGRR) Bicycle Route, memorializes the network that helped slaves escape to freedom before and during the Civil War.
Mario Brown from the Center for Health Equity at the University of Pittsburgh and Adventure Cycling member George Thomas in front of Bertie Hall, along the Niagara River Recreation Trail in Ontario, Canada, during the 2007 inaugural tour of the Underground Railroad Bicycling Route | Photo by C. Spratling, courtesy Adventure Cycling Association
A View From … The National Trails System
January 03, 2018
In 2018, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act, which provided an incredible legacy for all Americans. Five of these iconic American experiences are listed below along with rail-trails that weave in and around them.
Great Shasta Rail Trail | Photo by Christina Schmidlin with Hellikon, courtesy Great Shasta Rail Trail Association
New Jersey’s Cape May County Trail Network
August 01, 2017
South New Jersey’s Cape May County offers an outdoor recreation mecca within easy driving distance of Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
The bike- and pedestrian-friendly Route 52 bridge plays a key role in the region’s growing trail network. | Photo courtesy South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization
Five Rail-Trails for Marveling at National Monuments
June 01, 2017
Here’s a short list of five Rail-Trails at national monuments that’ll help you reach, explore and admire some of these incredible places.
A view of the Statue of Liberty as seen from the High Line | Department of Agriculture | Public domain
A View From … The Industrial Heartland Trails Network
September 13, 2016
The developing Industrial Heartland Trails Network is a collection of nearly three dozen pathways featuring scenic wilderness, dramatic railroad tunnels and trestles, welcoming trail towns and historical sites from the birthplace of America’s Industrial Revolution.
Ohio and Erie Canalway Towpath Trail under the I-80 overpass in Summit County, Ohio | Photo by Bob Callebert
5 Amazing Rail-Trail Destinations for Your Bucket List
April 12, 2016
The Rio Grande Trail is quintessential Colorado, featuring a sparkling river, rustling aspens and scented pines against a backdrop of towering mountains.
View from the Walkway Over the Hudson rail-trail in New York | Photo by Aaron Schmidt
New York’s Hudson Valley Trail Network
March 17, 2016
Rail-trails join the Walkway and spin out into the hillsides in either direction: the Hudson Valley Rail Trail on the west bank and Dutchess Rail Trail
The well-loved Walkway Over the Hudson serves a multitude of users. | Photo by Fred Schaeffer
Erie Canalway Trail, New York
October 01, 2012
For trail lovers around the country, these two Idaho rail-trails hardly need an introduction: the 73-mile Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes and the 15-mile Route of the Hiawatha.
Erie Canalway Trail | Photo by TrailLink user susanlkarsiotis