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Using Trails

Ohio’s Simon Kenton Trail
October 13, 2017
Western Ohio’s Simon Kenton Trail offers the perfect opportunity for today’s travelers to do their own exploring of the state’s scenic woodlands and rural landscapes on a 35-mile adventure stretching from Springfield to Bellefontaine.
View of Simon Kenton Trail bridge from Buck Creek Trail | Photo by Louis Agresta
Nebraska’s Cowboy Recreation and Nature Trail
September 12, 2017
Nebraska’s Cowboy Recreation and Nature Trail offers an authentic Old West experience, small towns and picturesque landscapes.
The Cowboy Trail's spectacular crossing of the Niobrara River near Valentine | Photo by Eric Foster
Louisiana’s Tammany Trace
August 16, 2017
Spanning 27 miles, the Tammany Trace is a Southern belle nestled in the pristine natural surroundings of New Orleans.
The trail winds through St. Tammany Parish towns and green spaces | Courtesy
New Jersey’s Cape May County Trail Network
August 01, 2017
South New Jersey’s Cape May County offers an outdoor recreation mecca within easy driving distance of Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
The bike- and pedestrian-friendly Route 52 bridge plays a key role in the region’s growing trail network. | Photo courtesy South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization
Massachusetts’ Cape Cod Rail Trail
July 06, 2017
Nestled in an iconic vacation destination about 75 miles down the coast from Boston, the flavor of the Cape Cod Rail Trail is pure summertime.
Photo courtesy The Shared Experience | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
A View From … The Great Trail in Canada
June 28, 2017
It’s a fitting way for Canada to celebrate its 150th birthday: In 2017, The Great Trail will be fully connected, enabling people to cross the country on a series of greenways, waterways and on-road routes to experience Canada’s rugged wilderness, rural beauty, historical attractions, vibrant cities and charming small towns up close.
Park Linéaire le P’tit Train du Nord | Photo courtesy Jean-Pierre Lavoie | CC BY 2.0
Maryland and Washington, D.C.’s Capital Crescent Trail
June 13, 2017
Forming an emerald arc around western portion of the District of Columbia, the Capital Crescent Trail connects Washington to its Maryland suburbs.
View of Potomac River along Capital Crescent Trail | Photo by Milo Bateman
Golden Rules: Six Things You Need to Know for Trail Season
June 13, 2017
And whether you’re a commuter, a caregiver or a long-distance rider, it’s important to know and practice good safety and trail use etiquette.
Photo courtesy RTC
Five Rail-Trails for Marveling at National Monuments
June 01, 2017
Here’s a short list of five Rail-Trails at national monuments that’ll help you reach, explore and admire some of these incredible places.
A view of the Statue of Liberty as seen from the High Line | Department of Agriculture | Public domain
Nine Great Birding Rail-Trails to Crow About
May 15, 2017
Whether you’re an avian aficionado, ornithologist, fan of fowl or simply a person who enjoys the subtle sight of a feather stretching across the wind, you’ll want to check out these nine great birding trails!
Trails are a great place to spy a variety of beautiful birds, including the bald eagle! | Photo courtesy Boyd Dwyer | CC BY-SA 2.0