Pennsylvania Sojourn participants enjoying a relaxed ride. | Photo by Cleo Fogal

More than Just an Incredible Ride

RTC Sojourns are more than just great rides (and they are great rides!); they’re powerful “trail-building tools” that highlight the incredible impact of long-distance trail routes on America’s communities.

Since 2001, RTC’s annual Sojourns have guided thousands of riders from all over America along the most scenic trail networks in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York…and the list continues to grow. 

Photo by Cleo Fogal

These premier RTC biking events—in which participants explore incredible communities and attractions along the way (from the picturesque to the historic, and beyond)—are designed to celebrate open trails and draw attention to gaps in would-be trail systems that, if completed, could result in innumerable benefits (economic, health, social, environmental and much more) for their local regions.

Our sojourns are for all ages and skill levels—from the young to the young-at-heart, aficionados to first-timers, families to freewheelers! Experience these truly unforgettable adventures for yourselves, and be a part of the effort to complete these critical trail networks.

Our Influence

Our sojourns unite a selection of trails for a short period of time—ultimately serving as unique “dry runs” designed to benchmark—through real-world examples and user surveys—how trail-system improvements could increase local bikeability and walkability.

Over the past decade and a half, Sojourns have helped influence the creation and/or growth of multiple regional trail alliances. This influence is due in large part to the evidence we provide of the significant local spending generated by sojourn participants in just a few days. To capture this direct economic impact, we compile data that communicates our combined spending on food, supplies, rentals, equipment and other sojourn-related services. The information is shared with our hosts to inspire future trail building and enhancements.

The 2014 sojourn’s positive economic impact to the region through which we traveled was $211,000. More and more, the communities we visit know that trails can play a large role in revitalization!

By participating in our Sojourns, you can make a lasting impact as a trail advocate—helping to inspire the creation of regional biking/walking networks that boost our local economies and our quality of life!

RTC Sojourn Series