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Focus Term: Encouraging Trail Use

How to Train for a 5K or 10K Using Rail-Trails
April 05, 2021
Rail-trails are an especially great option for training for that first race for a variety of reasons. For one thing, many of these trails are paved, flat or with a very light grade.
Fun Run 5k on the W&OD Trail in Northern Virginia | Photo courtesy RTC
Trail Moments with Jeff Jenkins of Chubby Diaries
March 01, 2021
Jeff Jenkins, as a prolific travel-blogger and the creator of Chubby Diaries—an “online community for plus-size travelers who are passionate about seeing the world.
Photo courtesy Jeff Jenkins, graphic by RTC
Rail-Trail Tips for Cross-Country Skiing (A 101 Guide)
February 03, 2021
Why not add cross-country or Nordic skiing to your list? Here are a few quick tips to help you give it a try!
New Hampshire's Northern Rail Trail | Courtesy New Hampshire State Parks
Winter “Share the Trail” Etiquette and Safety Tips
February 01, 2021
Find out how we can all “Share the Trail” together safely—while still gleaning the best that winter has to offer on America’s trails.
Pennsylvania's Trout Island Trail | Photo by TrailLink user vicki1960
Trail Moments | Connecting to Nature, Connecting as a Family, on America’s Trails
January 14, 2021
We found that one activity still brings us so much joy—biking as a family on our local trails.
The Three of Us | Courtesy Darlene Maxfield
Seven Hot Tips for Cold-Weather Biking
January 14, 2021
RTC hopes these tips will help you embrace and enjoy winter riding, but, if you’re new to it, just take it slow.
Wisconsin's Oak Leaf Trail | Photo by Ken Mattison
Trail Moments | The Long Trail Home
December 17, 2020
I lost that connection during the pandemic, and I have realized that rediscovering the trails around me—my #TrailMoments—makes me feel whole and like the world will be ok.
Ed and Jenn Coleman on the Chief Ladiga Trail | Courtesy Ed Coleman
How to Adapt Trail Activities and Gear for Cold and Winter Conditions
November 23, 2020
Common outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, running and cycling can be done safely in the fall and winter. Here are few tips from the experts.
New York's Highline | Photo by Adrian Cabrero
Six Tips to Carry Your Summer Biking Habit Into Fall
November 05, 2020
The beauty of autumn also means cooler temperatures, earlier sunsets and sometimes less-than-ideal weather. For the many of you who picked up biking for the first time this summer or returned after a long hiatus, the thought of braving colder weather while riding might feel intimidating.
Three Rivers Heritage Trail | Courtesy Healthy Ride, Pittsburgh Bike Share
Trail Moments | Morgantown Man Gets a Running Start to a Healthier Life on Trails
October 23, 2020
Overweight and living a sedentary lifestyle, Viars’ gnawing fear of dying grew as he approached middle age, so he decided to make a change with a health journey that began one literal step at a time.
Vincent Viars and his running partners on the Mon River Trail | Courtesy Vincent Viars