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Focus Term: Connected Systems

Ohio’s Camp Chase Trail
November 10, 2021
Ohio’s Camp Chase Trail is a 16-mile pathway traversing bountiful farmlands, calming countryside and invigorating city scenes.
Ohio's Camp Chase Trail | Photo by TrailLink user jodydzuranin
Close Ties: Louisiana Bootlace Trail Network
October 26, 2021
Trail advocates in Louisiana are coming together with a vision to create a 100-miles-plus trail network loop that will lace together a dozen parishes.
Part of the developing Louisiana Bootlace Trail Network, New Orleans’ Wisner Trail is nestled between two popular recreational amenities - City Park and Bayou St. John. Photo by Jennifer Ruley, courtesy City of New Orleans.
Iowa’s Raccoon River Valley Trail
September 10, 2021
In pastoral west-central Iowa, the Raccoon River Valley Trail has won this year’s blue-ribbon prize: entrance into the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame.
Perry's depot along the Raccoon River Valley Trail | Courtesy Raccoon River Valley Trail Association
South Carolina’s Three Rivers Greenway
July 08, 2021
While pedaling the completed 19.4 miles of South Carolina’s Three Rivers Greenway, the word “potential” keeps popping up in my mind.
Three Rivers Greenway | Photo by Robert Annis
Michigan Trail System Makes Connections From Lake to Shining Lake
July 04, 2021
By summer 2022, the Michigan Air Line Trail will complete the final 2.5 miles of its 8-mile total, and enthusiasm among Wixom’s residents and business owners is high. But even more exciting than the trail’s completion is the news that the route will join the larger Great Lake-to-Lake Trails network. Because now, rather than merely attracting Detroiters, Wixom will be able to advertise itself to cross-state roadtrippers.
Michigan's Kal Haven Trail on the Great Lake-to-Lake Trails Route 1 in South Haven | Photo by C.M. McGuire
Wisconsin’s White River State Trail
June 14, 2021
The 19-mile White River State Trail gives visitors an authentic glimpse into what Wisconsin’s all about, punctuated with stunning scenery.
White River State Trail | Photo by TrailLink user lkgatu
Alaska’s Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail
May 13, 2021
The Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail is a beautiful oasis in the middle of Anchorage, Alaska. Running east to west from Goose Lake Park to Westchester Lagoon.
Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail | Courtesy Erin Kirkland
Florida’s Spring to Spring Trail
March 16, 2021
The Spring to Spring Trail is this scenic, nearly complete 26-mile route winding through the old-growth forests and tree-draped lakesides of Central Florida.
Spring to Spring Trail | Courtesy Pat Northey
New Mexico’s Canyon Rim Trail
December 04, 2020
One of Los Alamos County's most popular pathways, the Canyon Rim Trail, provides an easy—and easy to reach—option in the heart of the community, packing a lot of wonder into its 2.5 miles.
Canyon Rim Trail | Courtesy Los Alamos County Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Division
When Trails Connect Everyone, Everywhere
December 01, 2020
Throughout this year, as we’ve continued to galvanize the trails movement in a virtual world, the movement itself has inspired us—in particular, the stories so many have shared of the moments of joy, respite, healing and strength they have found on the trail. The impact of our work in this time has brought urgency and focus to our path forward.
Tacony Creek | Photo by Thom Carroll