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Focus Term: Connected Systems

Pennsylvania’s Tacony Creek Trail
June 09, 2020
The 3.2-mile Tacony Creek Trail, paved and smooth as a river stone, flows along the waterway under the hush of tall old-growth trees.
Tacony Creek Trail | Photo by Thom Carroll
How the Great Allegheny Passage Transformed a Region
May 12, 2020
The 150-mile Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Western Maryland is a premier rail-trail destination.
Great Allegheny Passage just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Photo by Milo Bateman
As California ATP Cycle 5 Kicks Off—Here’s a Snapshot of Some Success Stories
April 08, 2020
On March 26, California released a call for projects for the next round of the Active Transportation Program (ATP)—the state’s largest single source of funding for trails and walking and biking projects.
Bicycle riders enjoying a new section of the Miners Ravine Trail in Roseville, California | Courtesy City of Roseville
New Hampshire’s Londonderry Rail Trail
April 06, 2020
About a 45-mile drive northwest of Boston, the Londonderry Rail Trail in the quaint southern New Hampshire town of Londonderry offers locals a slice of tranquility in an otherwise upside-down world with a 4.5-mile jaunt through verdant forests and wildlife-rich wetlands and along scenic ponds.
Recently completed Cohas section of the Londonderry Rail Trail | Courtesy Londonderry Trailways
Illinois’ MCT Goshen Trail
January 13, 2020
With a newly opened extension of the MCT Goshen Trail, travelers can now also access neighboring St. Clair County by trail for the first time. Providing even more transit options for locals, many of St. Clair County’s trails are being developed to intertwine with MetroLink, the region’s light rail system.
MCT Goshen Trail | Photo courtesy Metro East Park & Recreation District
Connectivity Evolution: Examining a Decade of Rails-to-Trails’ Impact, 2010–2020
December 31, 2019
Here’s a look at RTC and a decade of rail-trails—their power and their impact. As the 2010s built momentum, opportunities to maximize the power of these essential community assets became clear.
Photo courtesy RTC
A View From … Michigan’s Great Lake-to-Lake Trail
December 20, 2019
It’s no secret that Michigan is a great trail state, hosting more than 2,400 miles of rail-trails, and exciting developing trail network projects like the Great Lake-to-Lake Trails, which is building momentum.
The inaugural Great Lake-to-Lake Trail ride along Kal-Haven Trail Sesquicentennial State Park | Photo by Jeff Green, TrailLink user jeffinbville
Former Rails-to-Trails President Keith Laughlin Named 2019 Rail-Trail Champion
December 02, 2019
Former Rails-to-Trails President Keith Laughlin Named 2019 Rail-Trail Champion. When Keith Laughlin became the second president of RTC in 2001, he did not envision he’d help usher in a golden age for trails.
Keith Laughlin riding Caracara Trails | Photo courtesy RTC
A Q&A With Ryan Chao: Connecting Communities from Coast to Coast
November 13, 2019
I had the pleasure of chatting with President Ryan Chao on how RTC is making this work happen in collaboration with thousands of partners and trail advocates across the country.
GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail in South Carolina | Photo by Ian Curcio
Riverfront Resurgence: Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Heritage Trail
October 03, 2019
Broadly described, the Three Rivers Heritage Trail follows the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela rivers toward their confluence in downtown Pittsburgh and Point State Park at its epicenter.
The Duquesne Incline moves along the Mt. Washington hillside overlooking Downtown, Pittsburgh and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. | Photo by Justin Merriman