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Focus Term: Equity

Trails Creating Community in the Outdoors – Celebrate Trails Day Virtual Event Series Webinar
April 02, 2024
Join RTC, Latino Outdoors and the REI Co-op for a webinar about how your time on the trail can creating community in the outdoors.
Ron Griswell of HBCUs Outside Is Bridging Gaps to the Outdoors
February 01, 2024
I (Ron Griswell) show up in the world as an explorer on a journey to caring more about myself, my community and the environment.
Ron Griswell has been connecting people to the outdoors since his days in college. He is now the founding Executive Director of HBCUs Outside. | Photo courtesy Ron Griswell
Tapping Into Opportunity: RTC’s Strategic Priorities
January 11, 2024
RTC has been focused on building a nation connected by trails, spreading trails across the country to bring new potential to communities.
Happy multiracial women having fun embracing each outside - Photo courtesy Getty Images
A Cultural Shift as America’s Trail Networks Take Hold
December 14, 2023
It has been described as a “tipping point,” “critical mass” and “milestone” achievement. Regardless of what it’s called, there’s no doubt that the proliferation of trail networks around the United States is significant.
Chuck Huckelberry Loop | Photo by Gerry Loew, Pima County Communications
These 2023 Trail Grants Are Activating Trails and Trail Networks Across the US
December 12, 2023
In 2023, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Awarded 30 Trail Grants Totaling $348,000 to Support Equitable Trail Development and Community Programs.
Black People Who Hike event in August 2023 | Photo courtesy Black People Who Hike
WEBINAR -TrailNation Playbook in Action: Mapping and Gap-Filling Strategies to Accelerate Network Development
November 28, 2023
These strategies can help prioritize projects, build public support for trail networks, and make the case for further investment.
First Transportation Alternatives Funding Cycle Since BIL Shows Room for Improvement
September 21, 2023
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) celebrated a 70% increase in funding alongside policy changes that support equity, connectivity and maintenance priorities.
California's San Diego Creek Trail | Photo by Kevin Belanger
DOT/ FHWA Technical Assistance Compilation
September 01, 2023
Providing formal technical assistance that can support disadvantaged communities, biking, multiuse paths, and active transportation.
More Trail Moments with Vanessa Chavarriaga Posada: A Way to Make Strides for the Planet
August 04, 2023
Did you know that communities of color are three times more likely to live in nature-deprived areas with limited or no access to trails, paths or green spaces?
Photo courtesy Vanessa Chavarriaga Posada
Más Trail Moments con Vanessa Chavarriaga Posada: Una forma de dar pasos a favor del planeta
August 04, 2023
Paso mucho tiempo en los senderos. Como corredora y esquiadora profesional, he dedicado gran parte de mi vida adulta a estar al aire libre, haya nieve o sol.
Fotografía cortesía de Vanessa Chavarriaga Posada