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Focus Term: Equity

A Look Ahead for the Trails Movement in 2022 and Beyond
December 21, 2021
As we look ahead, we see opportunity and potential in the work and in the inspiration provided by the partners, friends and advocates with whom we share our collective vision.
Richmond Greenway | Courtesy RTC
The Build Back Better Act Could Create New Opportunities for Trail and Active Transportation Funding
November 06, 2021
The Build Back Better Act includes programs that address critical transportation and infrastructure issues, such as economic development, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and equity.
Georgia's Silver Comet Trail | Photo by Seth Holladay
Creating Inclusive & Equitable Trail Development: Case Studies in Detroit and Milwaukee
June 23, 2021
The key to creating inclusive & equitable trail development is ensuring every stakeholder in a community is a part of the development process
Five Trail Moments With Ian Mackay, Founder of Ian’s Ride
April 13, 2021
Here are 5 #TrailMoments that were particularly special for Ian Mackay during the 2020 year.    
Ian Mackay on Olympic Discovery Trail | Photo by Jesse Major
Biden Infrastructure Goals Would Be Achieved With More Strategic Investment in Walking and Biking
April 13, 2021
What the Biden Infrastructure plan is missing, however, is a focus on creating low-stress walking and biking routes, like trail and active transportation networks.
Ryan Chao: My Story of Life and Leadership in the Outdoors
March 19, 2021
I’ve shared my personal views about the importance of solidarity against racism, but I haven’t yet told my own story.
Missouri Headwaters State Park in Montana | Photo by Scott Stark
Trail Moments | Connecting to Nature, Connecting as a Family, on America’s Trails
January 14, 2021
We found that one activity still brings us so much joy—biking as a family on our local trails.
The Three of Us | Courtesy Darlene Maxfield
Tips, #TrailMoments and Talk with Vasu Sojitra
December 07, 2020
RTC interviewed Vasu Sojitra, a professional athlete, and a diversity, equity and inclusion strategist. It was an awesome and eye-opening conversation about his time on the trail—his favorite #TrailMoments—and how we can all make outdoor spaces more inclusive and accessible.
Photo by Vasu Sojitra | Triple Tree, Drinking Horse and the M trails, on the land of Apsáalooke, Salish-Kootenai, Northern Cheyenne, Niitsitapi, Shoshone-Bannock and many other Nations
When Trails Connect Everyone, Everywhere
December 01, 2020
Throughout this year, as we’ve continued to galvanize the trails movement in a virtual world, the movement itself has inspired us—in particular, the stories so many have shared of the moments of joy, respite, healing and strength they have found on the trail. The impact of our work in this time has brought urgency and focus to our path forward.
Tacony Creek | Photo by Thom Carroll
Glossary of Trail Terms Relating to Equitable Trail Development
November 30, 2020
The Glossary of Trail Terms provides definitions of terms like equity, equality, diversity, inclusion, cultural competence and equitable development.