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Focus Term: Walkability and Bikeability

Trail Moments With Ajoa Abrokwa: Sharing Experiences and Creating Memories
September 18, 2023
To this day, I have had numerous visits to this trail, with my family, friends and other community members alongside me, biking, walking and hiking.
Tandem bike ride | Photo courtesy of Ajoa Abrokwa
Finding Freedom on Your Bike as an Adaptive Cyclist
March 27, 2023
My name is Patrick, and I am an adaptive cyclist. That means I cycle, but I do it on a type of bike that works with my disability. I have left-sided hemiparesis. That means my movement, balance and vision are impaired on my left side. But, my hemiparesis doesn’t stop me from cycling. Adaptive cycling is a great sport for people with disabilities, because it brings a sense of freedom.
Patrick Sweeney on adaptive trike | Photo courtesy Patrick Sweeney
Trail Moments | Biking Through Triumphs and Troubles
March 15, 2023
“I only go on rail-trails now,” Carol said. “They make me feel safer because I don’t have to be watching for cars and traffic. And I can’t go very fast—I have to go slow so that I can see.”
Joe Rebar and Carol Walter on the trail | Photo courtesy Joe Rebar
Hiking Hacks: Long-Distance Prep Tips and Tricks for Rail-Trails 101
February 14, 2023
A long-distance hike can truly be the adventure of a lifetime. With rail-trail thru hiking becoming more and more popular every day, I wanted to share some knowledge I’ve learn over the many years and thousands of miles I’ve spent on hiking and rail-trails about the world.
On the Appalachian Trail in 2021 | Photo courtesy Retha Charette
Trail Moments | Cycling for Life
February 13, 2023
Cycling on America’s rail-trails has been an integral part of my journey—helping me to survive PH physically as well as emotionally. I’m so glad these trails exist, and I look forward to another 20 years of riding them.
Betzy Salcedo, Brenda Hamilton and Kathleen Richardson at the end of a ride from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C., via the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath. | Photo by Joseph Richardson
Blue Ridge Tunnel Accessibility Day Makes Dreams Come True
December 27, 2022
Blue Ridge Tunnel Accessibility Day makes dreams come true for Amy and Greg Eye and Barbara Ramsey from Louisa County, Virginia.
Will Oldaker (far right) and his family drove hours to experience the Blue Ridge Tunnel in Virginia; traveling with him (left to right) were his mother Lyn Oldaker, his children Traci and Riley, and his wife Beth. | Photo by Nancy Sorrells
Record-Breaking Investments in California’s Trails Amid Major Demand
November 14, 2022
The start of 2022 brought a significant opportunity for California trails and ended in a historic victory—as the state announced a $1 billion+ investment for trails and active transportation for fiscal year (FY) 2023.
Rail Arts District along the Napa Valley Vine Trail in California | Photo courtesy Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition
Ohio Students Venture Into the Wild
November 09, 2022
“We should be exposing our students to lifelong physical activity and should be helping them develop the skills and confidence to enjoy those activities,” said Jack Hatert, principal of McKinney Middle School. “Our schools are the heartbeat of a cycling community, and we have to pass the passion on to our students.”
Packed up for the return trip at Morgan's Riverside Campground | Photo courtesy McKinney Middle School
#TrailMoments with Albert Ting (@pootie_ting)
October 06, 2022
For me, the positive impact that going car-free has on air quality, reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing traffic congestion far outweighs the benefits of owning a car.
Photo courtesy Albert Ting
#TrailMoments with Vanessa @vanessa_chav
September 14, 2022
@vanessa_chav: It is paramount to reject exclusionary narratives and advocate for access to the outdoors for all. It is a basic human right."
Photo by Micheli Oliver