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Focus Term: Walkability and Bikeability

#TrailMoments con @vanessa_chav
September 14, 2022
@vanessa_chav: It is paramount to reject exclusionary narratives and advocate for access to the outdoors for all. It is a basic human right."
Photo by Micheli Oliver
Swap Out a Car Trip for a Trail Trip With These Tips and Tricks
August 31, 2022
Swap out a car trip for a trail trip to decrease your carbon footprint. The best part—it will help us feel better, too.
Along the Great Rivers Greenway trail network in St. Louis, Missouri | Photo courtesy Great Rivers Greenway
South Carolina’s Spanish Moss Trail
August 03, 2022
Aptly named for the moss-draped oaks along the route, the woodsy sections of the Spanish Moss Trail provide a cool respite in the South Carolina summers.
Aerial view of the Mather Trestle along South Carolina's Spanish Moss Trail | Photo courtesy of the Friends of the Spanish Moss Trail
Trail Moments | Swapping a Car for a Bike? Here’s What I Learned.
July 07, 2022
I decided to purchase my own e-bike and conquer my own fears of biking in the city. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Biking in D.C.'s Rock Creek Park | Photo by Hayden Duncan, courtesy Victoria Yuen
Trail Moments | Our Quest to Visit All of America’s Hall of Fame Rail-Trails
July 05, 2022
Visit All of America’s Hall of Fame Rail-Trails: Our journey started with an F150 pickup carrying canoes on the roof and bicycles.
Hall of Fame milestone on Florida's Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail | Courtesy Carol Alexander
Trail Moments | A Conversation With Chelsea Murphy of She Colors Nature
June 10, 2022
RTC sat down with Chelsea Murphy to talk about her Trail Moments. Chelsea loves getting outdoors and inspiring others to do the same.
Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail | Courtesy of Chelsea Murphy
Trail Moments | Safe Trails Save Lives
May 17, 2022
Safe trails save lives. in New Jersey 82% of fatalities are on state, county and municipal roads. A disproportionate number are pedestrians.
New Jersey's Henry Hudson Trail | Photo by Avery Harmon
Celebrate Trails Day Inspires Trail Users to Be Active
May 04, 2022
Many great stories came to us from Celebrate Trails Day participants about the special moments they had on the trail.
Celebrate Trails Day event in Columbus, Ohio | Photo by Jeffrey A. Tilford
California’s Napa Valley Vine Trail
April 12, 2022
As California’s Napa Valley Vine Trail grows to reach its ultimate 47-mile potential, community members and visitors realize the beauty of connectivity and accessibility.
California's Napa Valley Vine Trail in Yountville | Courtesy Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition
How My Electric Bike Helped Me Heal
March 30, 2022
In early January, I suffered a broken tibia and fibula in my right leg from a nasty fall while skiing. Two months after breaking my leg and undergoing surgery, I’m more comfortable riding my e-bike than walking to get around.
Courtesy PeopleForBikes