Enhancing Quality of Life in the Bay Area by Providing Equitable, Healthy Trail Access for People of All Ages and Abilities

Fort Mason | Photo by Cindy Barks

Our Priorities

The Bay Area Trails Collaborative is harnessing the coalition’s collective impact to create a world-class regional trail system in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our partners are committed to completing the network by 2030.

By working together as a powerful multisector coalition, RTC and the Bay Area Trails Collaborative are leveraging the group’s collective influence and expertise to:advance policy and environmental change; promote equity in active transportation and recreation; share best practices; grow public and private support for trails; accelerate trail development; and build a more diverse, robust trail movement in the Bay Area. Learn more about how it’s getting done!


Since 2014, the Collaborative has moved its vision forward through a number of successful initiatives related to partner engagement, advocacy and trail development. These efforts include:

  • Mapping the regional trail network, and compiling crucial data to conduct connectivity and equity analyses and prioritize key gaps for completion
  • Authoring the Trails Count! report (2016), documenting best practices in collecting trail use data and outlining recommendations for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to create a program model for measuring regional trail use
  • Securing MTC support to begin development of a regional bike/ped count program and web portal to share data across the region
  • Engaging members and supporters across the coalition in successful advocacy campaigns to: improve application guidelines in key funding programs, including California’s Active Transportation Program; and increase funding for Priority Conservation Areas in California by 60%

Current Priorities

The Bay Area Trails Collaborative speaks with a unified voice for trails in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our current priorities include:

  • Strengthening policies and expanding funding to support trails in key regional and state funding programs, including park bonds and the California Active Transportation Program
  • Accelerating completion of the regional trail network through best practices, including establishing a regional bike/ped count program and web portal to share data across the region
  • Building partnerships and cultivating champions (key influencers)
  • Promoting trail use, and publicizing and marketing the Bay Area trail network vision to the public
  • Expanding and diversifying the coalition’s membership, and securing new resources to support the work
  • Advancing the Bay Area trail network’s 13 priority trail projects through planning, education and marketing strategies that elevate their importance as part of a complete, connected regionwide trail network:
  1. Bay Skyway
  2. Bay to Sea Trail
  3. East Bay Greenway
  4. Guadalupe River Trail
  5. Highway 17 Wildlife and Regional Trail Crossings
  6. Highway 37 Trail
  7. Napa Valley Vine Trail
  8. Richmond Greenway-Bay Trail Connector
  9. Richmond-San Rafael Bridge – Bay Trail Connections (Marin)
  10. SMART Pathway
  11. South Vallejo Riverwalk and Bay Trail
  12. Stevens Creek Trail
  13. West Oakland Link

Get Involved

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